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The new way to heal anxiety

Dr. Russel Kennedy, The Anxiety MD, shows a novel and nontraditional way of healing anxiety.

March 04, 2021
3 min read


Dr. Russel Kennedy: Medical intuitive who heals anxiety with a doctorate in medicine and a degree in neuroscience. 

Dan Murray-Serter: Co-Founder of braincare company Heights, and host of our Braincare Podcast 

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Dr. Kennedy on healing his anxiety 

Over 30 years I tried 50 therapists and was put on medications like Zoloft, Paxil, Prozac, Benzodiazepines and nothing really seemed to work until I did some psychedelics, and found that my anxiety was actually not in my mind at all- it was in my solar plexus.

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Anxiety is stored alarm 

Anxiety is really not so much an issue of the mind, but an issue of stored alarm in the body and mind usually caused by old traumas. I wanted to replace the word ‘anxiety’ with the word ‘alarm’. Realistically, a generalised anxiety disorder should be a generalised alarm disorder. Social anxiety disorder should be a social alarm disorder because that's what it is; it's a state in the body that the mind is only reacting to. 

How replacing the word ‘anxiety’ with the word ‘alarm’ helps

I don't think the word ‘anxiety’ has a lot of consciousness to it, but I think ‘alarm’ does. People can relate to alarm much more than relating to anxiety because it’s a very nebulous term.

How do you define anxiety?

I separate anxiety out into two entities: anxious thoughts of the mind called ‘anxiety proper’, and then alarm in the body. If you separate those two you can break the cycle. 

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Anxiety vs. alarm

Alarm is old stored trauma that gets pushed down into our body. If we experienced trauma when we were young, we stuffed it down into our body because it was too much for our young minds to handle. I believe the alarm in our body is our younger self still frozen at that age that we experienced the trauma. It stays there until it eventually comes to the surface and starts metabolising again. The thoughts of our mind are reactive to this alarm in our body, so we have to focus and connect to it in order to heal ourselves. 


Does somatic therapy work?

Medical doctors, psychiatrists and traditional psychologists are lagging behind somatic focus. For me it was the only thing that really made a difference in my anxiety, and it's helped so many people that I've worked with.

How can I help my child with his anxiety? 

When the parasympathetic nervous system gets activated, it relaxes the mind and body. The recurrent laryngeal nerve is a branch of the vagus nerve- which is essentially the queen of the parasympathetic nervous system. My advice is to encourage your child to sing. Singing and music do tremendous wonders for resetting the body. 

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