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Heights HQ

Building a transparent company

Why we started Heights—and our vision for the future.

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 Dan Murray-Serter
Dan Murray-Serter
November 20, 2019
4 min read

At Heights, we believe that transparency is key to success.

As the Co-Founders, we decided early on to make a statement of intent for how our company would be defined and the people we would work with to build this vision.

Our Own Potential

One of the first things we did, was work with leadership psychologists together (the excellent CAIA), unearthing our own positives and negatives, laying them bear to one another, in an attempt to better understand the gaps, our own flaws, but most importantly - identifying where our own potential to grow lies.

We’ve worked together for a long time, but we knew it was essential to discuss where we can help one another work on these developmental areas, or ‘blind spots’. Better yet - we’ve printed out and placed our own psychometric profiles on the wall. This means any intern, investor or employee coming to the Heights office in Soho, will be able to see us at our very worst, (or best - depending on where they choose to look).

Our Values

Four post its with different personal traits

By spending the time analysing our own values individually, and making compromises, as you always must when reaching towards a common goal, we ended up with a set of values we were happy with, at first.

Our first attempt looked like this:

We were pretty happy with this outcome, as we feel like these are all values we respect ourselves for having, and most importantly - one another. Anyone we work with who embodied these, would be the perfect cultural fit. On reflection however, we decided we needed to turn these into something more exciting. For this, we enlisted our old friends at MULTIPLE, who eat this kind of stuff for breakfast, they're the best in the business at turning strategy and ideas into practical mission statements and values. This is where we’ve ended up. #BrainFirst (this is a statement about how we approach our whole company).

Our Company Values are now defined here:

  • Keep a sense of humour and humility.

  • Hustle don’t hassle.

  • Pursue potential with purpose.

What Does That Really Mean?

Let’s break them down.

“Keep a sense of humour and humility” is the ability to laugh at oneself (and with others).

After all, building a company should be the most fun you’ve ever had.

Equally, it’s incredibly common (and we’ve worked with many people like this) to have an enormous ego which can totally get in the way of good judgement calls - and people who are often too serious, can make this mistake.

“Hustle don’t hassle” is simple. We aren’t expecting you to be Gary Vee, far from it. We actually just expect you, like we expect ourselves, to have the initiative and curiosity to figure things out for yourself.

“Have you checked Google” is probably a lazier way of putting this value together. But frankly, when you are building a company with a huge vision, as the Founders it’s far too easy to get bogged down in answering silly questions that people can find answers to just as easily as you can.

You should be independent, hungry to learn, and desperate to apply that knowledge at a rapid rate - like we are.

“Pursue Potential with Purpose” - we want to employ special people who have great potential, and are willing to work tirelessly on unlocking that with a purpose, and around a common goal - in this instance; building Dawn to help people achieve theirs.

In return what we will offer is world class training, flexible working conditions that reflect modern life, and a common sense of achievement as we dream big, and reach our potential as a team.

What’s Next?

We send our Sunday Supplement of Brain Food every week, and are releasing our launch product - "The Smarter Multivitamin" in January 2020.

Most importantly, we are building a tribe for people who want to achieve their potential together.

We know that we will need the most ambitious, smartest, humblest, funny and caring people to join our mission.

We aren’t hiring just yet - but if you want to contribute to our mission because any of this sparked that fire inside you - then just email us - or

Until then. ✌️

Dan & Joel.