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Who we are, and why we care about braincare.

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August 19, 2021
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Your brain matters. It’s the most powerful organ, devouring 20% of your energy intake. It almost seems silly that we don’t take more care of it. At Heights, we want to make it easier to look after your brain. We believe a healthier brain leads to a better life. So read on for a little introduction into what we’re up to.

Why are our brains important?

When we set up Heights, we had a guiding principle. Your brain is important. It affects every other part of your body, and for something that’s 2% of your body weight, that’s impressive. The intricacies of the brain are still being argued over—there’s a lot of research left to be done—but what’s clear is that, among the millions of processes that make up human life, the brain sits at the centre. It’s your brain that sends electric currents racing through your limbs. It’s your brain that tells your muscles to contract, just so. It’s your brain that sets your mood, makes you happy, sad, or angry.

Your brain is at the heart of everything you feel, good and bad. So we should probably start paying attention.

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Our co-founder’s story—Dan Murray-Serter

Dan Murray Serter

“Our journey actually began from my own struggles with mental health: trying to solve my chronic anxiety and six-month-long insomnia.”

Our co-founder Dan has suffered from burnout, depression, anxiety, insomnia, imposter syndrome, and bulimia. He had founded a successful startup, but it wasn’t enough. As a last resort, he saw a dietitian, and the rest is history. He took us through his journey, and what led him to start Heights.

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Our co-founder’s story—Joel Freeman


“Every time I ate it hurt. Not at all fun when you love food as much as I do. Mentally, I felt fine—but the stress of my daily life was taking its toll on my body.”

The link between the brain and the gut is indisputable, but there’s still a lot we don’t understand. Our co-founder Joel felt the effects first-hand – a personal struggle that set him on course to start Heights. Here, he opens up and explains the effect that his gut has had on his overall health, and how nutrition has proven key to his recovery.

Read Joel’s story

Why is the Smart Supplement different?

There’s no shortage of supplements out there. But how can you actually be sure what you’re taking? There’s a lot to consider from bioavailability (how efficiently a nutrient can be absorbed), to ethics and sustainability, to any nasty, undeclared additions to the pill (hello, talcum powder). There’s no transparency.

We’re here to change that. Quality ingredients, in quantities that make the difference. With cutting-edge research and small-batch manufacturing, ensuring you get the best on offer. And most importantly, it’s all in one place. Easy.

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Our commitment to the planet


We aren’t convinced by quick fixes. Looking after your brain is about consistent changes that make a difference in the long run. The same is true for looking after the planet.

Sustainability matters. That dictates everything we do. From our eco-friendly packaging, to independent reviews of our business practices. A capsule itself might be tiny, but its effect on the environment can be huge. We want to minimise that effect.

4 ways we’ve committed to sustainability

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Creating a transparent company

We don’t leave our ethics at the doorstep. They apply to our team, our community. Everyone we meet. 

Complacency in the workplace is common, but that’s not good enough. It’s not how we do things at Heights. By working together, with transparency, compassion, and understanding, we can increase our potential, not limit it.

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