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The Heights Manifesto

This is the ethos that guides us—a commitment to ourselves, and to you.

Dan Murray-Serter
November 06, 2021
2 min read

Here they are. The words that represent what we are doing here.

A disproportionate amount of work has gone into our manifesto. That’s the way it should be—it’s not enough for it to be all right. For it to be just close enough, or relevant to some of us, not everyone.

This is what defines our mission, and our purpose as a company. It has to be perfect.

Our Manifesto

The Brain.

The most complex organ in the human body.

The source of our creativity, moods and capabilities.

Filled with our ideas, fears, hopes and ambitions.

100 billion nerves, 100 trillion connections and unlimited opportunities.

Even as adults, our brains have the ability to generate new pathways

and unlock potential we never thought possible.

It's called neuroplasticity.

A scientific discovery that has totally shifted the way we think, about how we think.

So, with the right habits, nutrition, and lifestyle we now have the power to change and protect our brains for our future.

Because a healthier brain is the key to a happier life.

That’s why we started Heights.

We exist to elevate minds and wellbeing—by nourishing the brain.

Our role is to make your grey matter, matter.

Stretching limitations beyond what we’re taught

using food for thought.

Providing neurological nourishment over physical enhancement.

Building a tribe of people living big, dreaming big, and thinking big.

So we can all aim higher, and reach our heights.

We’ll always put your brain first.

(Even if it’s the last thing on your mind.)

Providing your first brilliant idea of the day. Every day.

Ensuring you work out the most important organ in your body.

Boosting your internal RAM instead of faking it on Instagram.

Enabling you to perform at your peak - stronger, for longer.

Brain, not brawn.

Stretched, not torn.

Heights—The Smart Supplement For The Brain.

Created by leading scientists, not misleading celebrities.

Combining nutrition, psychology and a tribe of like minds.

Responsibly sourced and intelligently formulated for maximum impact.

Packed full of micronutrients, knowledge bombs and meaningful experiences.

Every capsule contains the best quality nutrients to nourish your neuroplasticity —the smartest way possible. All focus, no filler.

Our first mission is to elevate our tribe to achieve one million meaningful goals.

Setting us up for a future where everyone can access nourishment that elevates their cognitive performance and human potential.

That’s some serious food for thought.


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