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The World's First All-Day Wellness Summit on Clubhouse

The UK and USA's biggest, brightest and most brainy experts will share tips and tools to care for your brain.

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March 17, 2021
2 min read

Our Braincare Club has partnered with Brain Awareness week to host over 30 events on Clubhouse, including the World’s first-ever all-day Wellness Summit.

The day, which kicks off on Friday at 1.30 pm GMT features some of the world’s leading health, wellness, science, and spiritual leaders who are dedicated to helping you take care of your brain in the exclusive audio format.

The event will run in a single room that you can find here, with an hour-by-hour schedule focused on different principles to look after your brain. You can sign up for alerts - and chat during the day at Braincare Club.

Join host Dan Murray-Serter with incredible guests like:

  • Dr Rangan Chatterjee - Europe’s #1 Health and Wellness Author and Podcast Host

  • Michael Acton Smith - The Co-Founder & CEO of Calm

  • Dr Tara Swart (MIT) - Best Selling Author of The Source and Chief Science Officer at Heights

  • Dame Kelly Holmes - 2 X Gold Winning Olympic Champion

  • Dr Jim Doty (Standford) - Best Selling Author of 'Into The Magic Shop' and World’s Leading Expert on Compassion

  • Ed Cooke - Global Grandmaster Of Memory

  • Adam Martin - Host of the GABA Podcast

  • Jamie Clements - Breathwork Expert

  • Sophie Medlin - Expert Dietitian and Head of Nutritional Research at Heights

  • Dr Rachael Kent (Kings) - On Technology and Mental Health

  • Dr Shane Creado - Sleep Psychologist

  • Alex Soojung Kim Pang - Bestselling author of ‘Rest’

  • Dr Russell Kennedy - The Anxiety MD

…and more surprise guests throughout the day!

Here’s how the day will shake out:

1:30 pm GMT: Mindfulness with Adam Martin

2:00 pm GMT: Nutrition & Hydration with Sophie Medlin

3:00 pm GMT: Learning & Neuroplasticity with Dr Tara Swart and Ed Cooke

4:00 pm GMT: Rest with Alex Soojung Kim Pang and Dr Shane Creado

5:00 pm GMT: Sleep with Michael Acton Smith OBE

6:00 pm GMT: Movement & Digital Diet with Dr Rangan Chatterjee and Dr Rachael Kent

8:00 pm GMT: Compassion with Dr James Doty

9:30 pm GMT: Managing Anxiety & Breathwork with Jamie Clements and Dr Russell Kennedy

Make history with us and join the world’s first all-day Wellness Summit on Clubhouse. To join us - head to Braincare Club and join in the community chat, get show notes and resources.

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