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Tribe triumphs - Jamie Jamina

Private equity investor and Heights Tribe member Jamie Jamina tells us what makes him tick.

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Laura Sugden
Lead Copywriter and Health Coach
February 03, 2020
2 min read

Who are you?

Jamie Jamina

What do you do?

Private Equity investor

What is/are one/some of your biggest challenge(s)?

Being switched on and energised throughout the day. I get up before 6am and can work late into the night. So being on form at all times can be difficult.

What's one of your proudest achievements?

Despite being a world-class footballer (in my eyes), running was never something I liked to do during a game, or ever.

So putting my mind to completing a half-marathon for a very worthwhile cause, whilst beating my time goal, was a very proud achievement.

What heights are you trying to reach right now?

Achieving all I can at work whilst being the best father and husband at the same time.

What's your top tip, for keeping your brain in tip top shape?

If you would have asked me pre child, I would have said sleep. With that out the window, exercise is my thing. Not only the gym but trying to walk everywhere. It really clears your mind.

What changes have you noticed since using Heights?

Really love having all the things I need for my brain health in a simple pill. With a busy lifestyle, I never find the time to make sure I eat everything I should be eating, so not having to worry about it is amazing!

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