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Write for us—our guest posting guidelines

Heights now welcomes guest posts for use on our website. Read up on our guest posting guidelines.

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June 7, 2021
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Want to write for Heights? We now accept guest posts, so now is your chance.

The kind of posts we accept

We are focused on braincare. So we accept topics:

  • Related to one of the ten pillars of braincare

  • Related to mental health and well-being 

  • Focused on nutrition (from a science-backed angle, and especially pertaining to the brain)

  • Focused on gut health

Examples of topics we would accept:

  • The best nutrients for your brain 

  • Good gut foods 

  • Memory loss: causes and how to improve it  

  • Do vegans need supplements?

Feel free to also ask us for topics as we always have a backlog of topics we would love to get live on our blog.


Please keep in mind the following guidelines when writing for us:

  1. All claims should be science-backed and referenced; see the following article for how to reference.

  2. All text should be grammatically correct (we advise using Grammarly).

  3. Articles should be scannable: use of headings, lists, quotes, images, etc.

  4. Optimise writing and consider SEO.

  5. Please use UK English.

  6. We love an oxford comma.

  7. In line with our tone of voice. We mix science with empathy to make it approachable. We avoid generalisations, over the top claims, or highly exaggerated language. We love a good play on words (but don’t overdo it), and never shy away from being direct.  

We will do a final edit before publishing, but the basics above should be in place.

Correct formatting

Our articles always follow the following formatting:

  • Title: Max 80 characters (H1)

  • Summary: Max 120 characters

  • Main content: 500 - 2,000 words

Formatting for SEO

  • Meta title: Max 70 characters

  • Meta description: Max 160 characters

  • Please refer to our step-by-step SEO checklist before submitting your final article to us. This will ensure you submit a complete, fully optimised blog post.

Submitting an idea or article

We accept both completed articles or ideas. We work with writers for one-off pieces or longer-term (e.g. one or two articles per month). When submitting an idea, please include the following:

  • Potential title 

  • A few bullet points about what you would like to cover

  • Who you are

  • The main keywords

  • Optional: other ideas you have

Please submit your guest author application here.

What we offer in return

While we don’t pay writers as of this moment, we do offer the following in return:

  • Promote the article to our 50,000+ email list

  • Promote the article to our social following (40,000+)

  • 150,000+ monthly page views (growing at a rate of 20-30% per month)

  • An author bio at the end of the article

  • 1-3 links to content of your choice

Depending on your expertise, we may also ask you to be featured for one or two episodes of the Braincare Podcast

Submit your guest author application here.

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