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Healthy ageing: The real reason you aren’t getting the nutrients you need

99% of ageing adults don't get the vitamins and minerals they need. Time to tackle our misconceptions about nutrition.

February 04, 2021
6 min read

Getting older is inevitable. But feeling older is a completely different matter altogether. As you age and achieve life’s important milestones—first the big four-zero, then your 50s, 60s and beyond—you might take pride in pointing out all the ways that you don’t feel any different from your more youthful past self. 

But there’s just one small wrinkle in that idea: The truth is, on a cellular level, you are different. 

Your body has evolved, and the reflection in the mirror reveals hints of the journey you’ve been on—a grey hair here or there, a laugh line gently betraying your youthful eyes. And you might be noticing a shift in how your body moves, how your energy peaks and dips throughout the day, and the ways your mental focus and clarity ebbs and flows. 

This is where proper nutrition and diet can help, far more effectively than wrinkle creams and anti-ageing potions. For many men and women, embracing the ageing process becomes a beautiful invitation to:

  • Explore what it means to live a healthy, vibrant and youthful life in your 50s, 60s and beyond

  • Learn how the ageing process impacts your health, especially your brain health, mental focus, memory and learning 

  • Appreciate how your nutritional needs have progressed over the years, and how to best tackle the ever-increasing nutritional gaps facing many men and women

  • Take back control of the ageing process by taking control of your nutrition, and supporting your body with the right vitamins and minerals to age resiliently 

Getting older means unlearning your diet and nutrition assumptions

When you were younger, you might have prioritized certain things about your body, such as your physical appearance and your weight. 

And while maintaining a healthy weight is foundational for overall wellness and disease prevention, society has taught millions of us that the weight and size of someone’s body says something about their inherent value and worth. 

Of course, that’s a fallacy. But an endless barrage of magazine covers, social media posts and pop culture messages has hammered this idea into us, and it has led to an approach to dieting and nutrition that prioritizes your weight over your true health. 

Unfortunately, this misplaced and harmful perspective is literally robbing us of the vitamins and minerals we need to age with strength, resilience and true wellness. 

Take nuts for example. For decades, women have been discouraged from enjoying nuts due to a misconception that eating nuts leads to weight gain. And yet:

  • Eating a diet rich in nuts is linked with improving ageing and increased longevity

  • Researchers hypothesize that our unfounded fear of nuts is one reason why rates of diabetes and other diseases are increasing

  • Nuts may actually help you to maintain a healthy weight

  • Nuts are some of the best sources of important vitamins and minerals you need as you get older, such as magnesium for bone health

What other misplaced nutritional ideas or dieting strategies have you subconsciously absorbed over the years? 

Whatever it might be for you—whether it’s restricting or eliminating certain foods, stringently counting calories, etc.—it has led to a startling statistic: Many older men and women aren’t getting enough of the right nutrients to support healthy ageing. 

Healthy diet is linked to healthy ageing, but you’re not getting what you need

On a cellular level, ageing can be measured by the length of DNA structures known as telomeres. As your telomeres shorten, your cells slowly break down, leading to disease and the many symptoms of ageing.

Researchers have found that men and women who eat a healthy diet and get the right nutrients have healthier telomeres and physically slow the ageing process. Beyond just telomere health, specific nutrients also help you to tackle ageing-related health concerns. 

Anti-ageing vitamins, minerals and supplements

There are many key vitamins and minerals that may be especially helpful as you get older:

  • Omega-3 fatty acids: These healthy fats protect against cognitive decline as you get older (and even reduces the risk of developing dementia)

  • B vitamins: They support bowel function, help your body to produce healthy blood cells, and improve eye health

  • Vitamin A: It also supports healthy eyes (specifically your vision when lights are dim) and prevents cognitive decline

  • Vitamin D: It improves bone strength and reduces the risk of osteoporosis

  • Biotin: It strengthens your skin, hair and nails, which often become dry and brittle as you age

  • Zinc: This mineral boosts your immune system

  • Selenium and iodine: They’re key for thyroid function

  • Chromium: It boosts mood and helps you metabolize fats

  • Vitamin E: It assists with wound healing

  • Iron: This mineral boosts your energy levels and is foundational for a healthy cardiovascular system

  • Antioxidants: They help to protect your cells from damage from free radicals, and this damage is associated with increased signs of ageing and a higher risk of disease 

The above nutrients—all of which you’ll find in Heights Smart Supplement—don’t just address specific health concerns you may have related to ageing. Each of these vitamins and minerals has also been shown in numerous studies to boost brain health and offer protective benefits against cognitive decline. 

You aren’t getting what you need

Researchers warn that while your nutritional needs are increasing as you get older, there are three major issues: 

  • Many people don't adjust their diets to their changing needs 

  • As you get older, it becomes more difficult for your body to absorb nutrients efficiently 

  • Many older adults are taking medications for various ageing-related health conditions, and most of these medications impact how your body absorbs nutrients

In fact, an independent survey conducted by Heights found that 99% of us are not getting the nutrition we need for our bodies and brains to thrive. This is startling for anyone of any age, but especially troubling for those of us who are older and need increased nutritional support for our physical health and brain health.

The Smart Supplement is the best way to meet your evolving nutritional needs

In conclusion, reframing your approach to nutrition and diet, and ensuring you’re getting all the nutrients you need, is essential for healthy ageing. 

Are you hitting your targets? How did you score on your Brain Nutrition Assessment? If you’re like 99% of the people in our independent research, your assessment likely indicated that you had one or more nutritional gaps in your diet.

Getting what you need from diet alone is extremely difficult for most people. Don’t leave healthy ageing up to chance. With the Smart Supplement, you can rest assured that you’re:

  • Filling in the gaps in your diet

  • Providing your body with all the critical nutrients it needs for brain health and physical health

  • Addressing some of the important health concerns you may be thinking about as you age, such as bone health, vision health, etc. 

Sign up for a quarterly subscription of the Smart Supplement and save £10 today with the code: BNA10.

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The Smart Supplement is the best all-in-one vitamin and mineral solution to your health needs. Everything you need—and nothing you don’t—in one convenient dose. It’s faster, more convenient, and formulated for maximum absorption. 

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