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Plant-Based Diet and Mental Health with Sophie Medlin

Braincare Podcast Episode #26
December 29, 2020
2 min read

Sophie Medlin will change the way you think about your diet. As a Practicing Consultant Dietitian and Chair of the British Dietetic Association for London, Sophie's no stranger to the delicate topic of strict diet regimes and the controversy around challenging erroneous beliefs.

How does nutrition affect mental health

Today on The Braincare Podcast, Sophie explains the science behind the potential nutritional deficiencies linked to some of today's most popular diets. Host Dan Murray-Serter shares his personal journey with veganism and mental health, and we get the bottom of Miley Cyrus' mysterious brain fog.

It's a bit like taking 25% of the bricks of your house out and replacing them with polystyrene. It still looks roughly the same, but as soon as there's a storm it's just not going to work as well.

Research the science behind different types of diets

Some rather combative carnivores jump at the chance to characterize vegans a nutrient-deficient. On the other end of the spectrum, plant-based purists would have you believe that supplementation is pointless because everything you need can be found in a bowl of kale. So, what does the science say?

It doesn't matter how many flaxseeds you eat, how much rapeseed oil you have, most of us are not ever going to be able to convert enough ALA into EPA and DHA.

Learn about which nutrients need to be on your radar if you’re considering a plant-based diet.

Podcast Episode Takeaways

In this first episode with Sophie Medlin we will cover:

  • Is there a link between veganism and mental health issues?

  • How to take on Veganuary and come out stronger than ever

  • The problem with Omega 3s

  • Brain fog: it's real

  • Nutritional deficiencies in veganism and vegetarianism

  • The real cost of rigid diet rules

  • How can supplements enhance plant-based diets?

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