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Overcoming Anxiety, Trauma and Grief with Dr Daniel Amen

December 21, 2020
2 min read

Dr Daniel Amen knows just how powerful a healthy brain is. As one of the world's best-known psychologists and authors at the intersection between neuroscience and psychology, he's performed an enormous amount of brain scans to understand what's going on in our heads during our most challenging moments.

How to combat anxiety

On today's Braincare Podcast, Dr Daniel Amen shares his insights on overcoming anxiety, trauma, and grief. We discuss the very real implications of stress on our brain function and why good brain hygiene is imperative. Plus, Dr Daniel Amen shares actionable practices to combat anxiety that you can start today!

Mental hygiene is just as important as washing your hands. We need to kill the ants - the automatic negative thoughts that steal your happiness.

How anxiety can be useful

It's often suggested that anxiety can be useful for us in small doses, say when delivering a presentation. But it's tough to find a silver lining in depression, grief, or trauma. Dr Daniel Amen shares his thoughts on eventual post-traumatic growth, and how even our darkest times can pave the way for a brighter future.

10% of them are going to develop what we call post-traumatic growth, where they're actually going to begin to see new possibilities. Their relationships will be better, they'll have spiritual changes in a positive way.

Podcast Episode Takeaways

In this first episode with Dr. Daniel Amen we will cover

  • What is brain reserve?

  • Your brain during the pandemic

  • Habits and practices for overcoming anxiety

  • How can a healthy brain help you to withstand stress?

  • PTSD and post-traumatic growth

  • The power of diaphragmatic breathing

  • The first steps for coming to terms with grief

Listen here.

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Want to hear more about dealing with negative emotions? Check out our previous episode with Mo Gawdat on Useful Thinking.

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