Living with mental health disorders with Stephen Fry

We talk to Stephen Fry on his extraordinary life—and his experience of living with bipolar disorder.

Stephen Fry needs no introduction. His extraordinary life has been spent pushing boundaries - as an actor, writer, comedian, and mental health awareness advocate.

Stephen Fry shares his experience with having bipolar disorder

On today's Braincare podcast, Stephen shares his experience with bipolar disorder, how he came to terms with his diagnosis, and why he felt compelled to share his story in the Emmy award-winning documentary Stephen Fry: The Secret Life of the Manic Depressive.

You can listen to episode 1 here.

It was easy for someone in show business to come out as gay in the 80s as I did, much easier than somebody who was a teacher or a librarian or a spot welder. With actors, similarly, no one's surprised at that they're a bit loopy in the mind as well. We can get away with it.

Supporting and helping others with mental illness

Stephen's candid and public advocacy in support of those suffering from mental illness brought a new level of compassion to the conversation. He too finds inspiration in others who share his diagnosis and the incredible and varied contributions to our society.

There are two opposite points of view you have to have about a mental illness like bipolar disorder. You must never underestimate its seriousness... but you must also bear in mind that some of the most remarkable and fulfilled and inspiring people who've ever lived have had a mental illness.

Podcast episode takeaways

In this first episode with Stephen Fry we will cover:

  • Living with bipolar disorder diagnosis

  • Coping mechanisms and self-care

  • The relationship between physical health and mental health

  • Ways to help loved ones suffering with their mental health

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