Useful Thinking with Mo Gawdat


Mo Gawdat wants to help you regain control of your thoughts! The former CBO at Google, author of Solve for Happy, happiness guru, and serial entrepreneur, solves problems for breakfast, and he's here to share his intriguing concept of useful thinking.

Where negative thoughts come from

On today's Braincare Podcast, we discover where negative and thoughts come from, how they develop and take seed, and what you can do to regain control. Plus, learn why experiential thinking can deliver a healthy dose of much-needed reality.

I listened to them ranting for the first 10 minutes, then I asked them to experience the world as it is by telling me what is missing from the story.

Rewiring negative thoughts

We can sometimes feel that negative thoughts just happen to us, we're just wired that way. However, Mo says our brains are being rewired constantly. So, how can we leverage that fact to reinforce useful thinking?

Our brains are simply like our muscles, but a little more annoying. Every time you find something you dislike about yourself, your brain goes: 'Whoops, I know how to do this!'

Podcast Episode Takeaways

In this second episode with Mo Gawdat we will cover:

  • What is useful thinking?

  • Problem-solving for peace of mind

  • How to stop incessant thoughts

  • The importance of separation and schedule

  • Positive and negative reinforcement

  • Why we rush to chastise ourselves

  • 3 brain-related happiness tips

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