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What goes into Vitals⁺?

Ever wondered how Vitals⁺ gets made? Find out about the scientists involved, the ingredients, and more.

Ever wondered how Vitals⁺ gets made? Here you’ll find out about the scientists responsible for our formula, our ethos when creating supplements and how that impacts what ingredients are included (and what aren’t), how they work together, and more besides.

A winning formula

We needed expert intel to help us create the best brain supplement. So, we recruited neuroscientist Dr. Tara Swart and clinical dietitian Sophie Medlin, to help us formulate Heights. (Both leaders in their respective fields, between them they have years of clinical experience and have lectured at MIT, Oxford, and King's College London—so we knew we’d be in good hands).

We work as a team to decide on Every. Single. Aspect. of Vitals⁺—each ingredient, where it comes from, the exact quantities, and the way they’re put together to maximise absorption.

Our non-negotiables

Brain first. This means every decision considers the effect it will have on the brain first, as our #1 top priority. Luckily, everything that’s good for the brain, is good for your body too.

That starts with getting into the data. If something’s in Heights, it’s in there because there’s a body of research to back it up. We review our formula every 3 months to keep up with emerging scientific evidence around nutrition for the brain.

Do no harm. We swore that nothing in Heights would cause any damage to you, or the environment. This is a lot rarer than you might think with supplements.

For instance, did you know that many supplements contain harmful caking agents like talcum powder? They also can contain heavy metals, chemicals, and other nasty and harmful contaminants not listed on the label. Gross.

Every ingredient in Heights is there for a reason, and there’s nothing else in our capsules at all. They’re manufactured in Europe (the safety regulations are stricter there), and we also rigorously test throughout the process to make sure they’re absolutely safe.

Be bold and innovative. We don’t compromise. And sometimes that means doing things that aren’t normal;

  • Like combining fats with nutrients to make sure that everything is absorbed in your body and you don't spend money on multiple products.

  • Like doing the best. Not the best for now. Our first formulation went through ten rounds of revisions. We never stop trying to make it better.

Nutrients you can absorb

When choosing what nutrients to use in Vitals⁺, bioavailability is key. What that means is that your body can actually absorb and use the nutrient—which isn’t always the case.

There are a few important factors to make sure this happens. Certain nutrients like vitamin D , E , and A are fat-soluble—so unless you take them in conjunction with a fat, your body can’t absorb them.

So, unlike most other supplements, we wrap our nutrients in omega 3 (from algae oil) to make sure every vitamin is absorbed, and you’re getting the full benefits (and bang for your buck). Omega 3 is not only amazing for you and your brain, using it in this way also means that the other nutrients are protected from your stomach acid, so they can reach your intestine where they’re absorbed into the bloodstream.

Nutrients that work together

We’ve also taken care to make sure that every nutrient is complementary to each other. This matters because some nutrients can inhibit the absorption of others—which would mean you’d be paying for something that isn’t working. That’s not ok with us.

For example, we’re often asked why we don't have magnesium in our supplement even though it's proven to have benefits on the brain, particularly for sleep. While that’s true—if we chose to use magnesium it would inhibit the absorption of many of the other really great nutrients in Vitals⁺.

So rather than having it in our formula, we recommend taking it as a separate supplement at least 2 hours before/after Heights (or a multivitamin).

Quantities that matter

Each nutrient is included in the dosage shown by scientific research to make an impact on the health of the brain.

Sometimes, this means we use higher quantities than a traditional multivitamin—which often contain less than impactful amounts. But rest assured that each quantity is safe, tested, and approved—and, in the case of water-soluble vitamins, anything superfluous to what your body needs will simply be excreted, so you won’t ever overdo it. Learn more about our nutrient quantities, and how they stack up to NRV (the successor to RDA), here .

Small batches big quality

We make Heights in small batches. This means it’s fresh and high quality when it gets to you. The shelf life is two years from the date on the bottom of your bottle if you want to check—and it’s stability-tested, which means it will be just as effective in month 1, or month 23.

Small-batch manufacturing also means that when exciting new scientific research comes out, we can adjust the formula to make it better.

All-inclusive brain care

We all have brains. And they all need care and nourishment. So we made Heights 100% vegan, halal, kosher, and allergen-free too. (More allergy details here .)

For instance, our vitamin D3 is sourced from lichen, not sheep wool. And our omega 3 comes from algae, which is where fish get it from—so we’re essentially cutting out the middleman. Or middlefish in this case.

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