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What sets Biotic⁺ apart

Five ways that we make sure Biotic⁺ is head and shoulders above the rest.

We put years of development into the Biotic⁺ —enlisting the help of experts led by our own Head of Nutritional Research & Insights, Sophie Medlin .

Because we had to make the best product out there. A simple choice that everyone could see was the highest quality available. After all, your health is too important to go for anything other than the best.

But what actually sets Biotic⁺ apart from everything else?

The right strains of bacteria

Let’s start with the basics— what’s inside . The specific combination of strains inside Biotic⁺ are what makes it so effective.

There are a huge number of bacteria strains out there (anywhere between 500 and 8,000), and they all have slightly different effects. We developed our unique formula to contain seven of the most impactful strains, in quantities that make a difference, and we specifically designed Biotic⁺ to target gut, mental, and immune health.

We also included the two strains that together make up CEREBIOME®—Lactobacillus helveticus Rosell®-52 and Bifidobacterium longum Rosell®-175). CEREBIOME® is unique—the most documented psychobiotic in the world, created to target the gut-brain axis , helping support communication between the two.

It’s supported by science

There’s a lot of noise around gut health—misinformation, flashy trends, and unregulated products that promise everything and deliver nothing. It’s hard to know who to trust. That makes it even more essential that you look at the underlying science behind many gut health products.

We made Biotic⁺ completely transparent—you know exactly what’s inside, and in exactly which quantities. It’s been developed by scientists, dietitians, and gut health experts, and includes the most scientifically studied strains in the world. In fact, over 380 studies back up the efficacy of the seven strains inside every capsule, and we’re continuously investing in third-party studies so you can trust we’re always ahead of the game.

With a clean vegan formula

Do you know what goes into a bottle of pills you get from the pharmacy? Probably not, and that’s how the big corporations like it. The fine print on the label contains long lists of scientific names, designed specifically to make it as confusing as possible.

Take magnesium stearate as an example. It sounds just like any other compound, but it’s actually just a leftover from the factory—an industrial lubricant that helps the production line run smoothly. There’s no health benefit to it, and the only reason it’s in there is because it’s cheaper to leave it in than take it out.

But that doesn’t fit into our philosophy. We designed our formula so that everything inside will do something for you. And it had to be accessible for everyone, which is why Biotic⁺ is plant-based, allergen-free, toxin-free, and suitable for people with halal or kosher diets.

A short supply chain and more CFUs

CFU stands for colony-forming unit, and it’s the standard unit of measurement for live-bacteria supplements. But you’ll often see two different numbers on the bottle—CFUs and CFUs at time of manufacture. So what’s the difference?

CFUs will refer to the minimum number of CFUs the manufacturer claims is present at the end of the shelf life. For example, 20bn for Biotic⁺ after 18 months. But bacteria are alive, and the number of living bacteria actually decreases over time. So CFUs at time of manufacture refers to the bacteria actually put into the product.

Our subscription model allows for small-batch manufacturing, and means that Biotic⁺ reaches you much fresher than something you might buy at a pharmacy. This means you’re more likely to get closer to the 65bn CFUs that we put into every single capsule. In fact, testing shows that by the time it reaches you, Biotic⁺ still contains over 60bn CFUs, more than 200x best-selling competitors.

It gets to the gut

Up to 99% of bacteria can’t survive the acidic conditions of your stomach. If you’re hoping for bacteria to reach your gut and make a difference, that’s a problem.

That’s why we use a patented delayed-release capsule. Taking 9x longer to degrade than typical capsules, our version shields the strains from degradation in the acidic stomach environment, protecting the bacteria as they travel through the gut. On top of that, we use acid-resistant strains, and a proprietary protective matrix to ensure enhanced survivability, even if you remove Biotic⁺ from its capsule to eat with food.

Independent testing by ProDigest, using their SHIME® model (Simulator of Human Intestinal Microbial Ecosystem), showed that the majority of the bacteria we put into Biotic⁺ reach the colon alive. While most other probiotics’ bacteria die before they even reach the gut, our delayed-release technology delivers 33.7bn CFUs (170% of our minimum claim) of live bacteria to your gut, where they can actually make a difference.

Help your gut microbiome flourish, supporting your gut, mental, and immune health in one daily capsule with Biotic⁺. Learn more now .


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