What makes Heights different?

The daily supplement, designed to put your brain first.

Joel Freeman, Co-Founder


Easy to swallow

Our clever capsule in a capsule separates the dry ingredients from the oil - so you can take everything together. ** This means it can be taken on an empty stomach as the ingredients release slowly in your gut, reaching where they need to without overloading your senses.

Most vitamins need to be taken with food, or a fat soluble substance, because ours come ready made inside an Omega 3 oil and dissolves slowly in your lower intestine, you get more of the nutrients reaching your blood stream than in traditional pills which break down too early to be effective. An added benefit to this - no nausea. There’s a reason we call it a ‘clever capsule’.

No nasties

The ingredients themselves are all found in nature, and are the only things you’ll find in our capsules. Meaning there are no synthetic fillers or caking agents like you might find in most other products in the market.

Backed by science buffs

Every ingredient has gone through our own rigorous research with our in-house Chief Science Officer, Dr Tara Swart, and Dietitian Sophie Medlin to make sure they are all in their most bioavailable forms.

Made Professionally

We work with one of the largest capsule manufacturers in the world to ensure everything has been made to the highest quality standard like you’d expect when putting something in your body. 

A complete capsule for brain and body

Heights is designed with your brain in mind, and each and every ingredient is scientifically-proven to benefit your grey matter. It’s also a comprehensive nutritional supplement for full-body health, meant as a smart replacement for your regular multivitamin. So you get everything you need for your mind and body, in 2 capsules a day.

Science moves faster than we do

By supplying our customers on a subscription basis, we get to update our product if and when a higher quality alternative becomes available in the market - instead of it sitting on a storeroom shelf for 2+ years. 

So, if we find a better ingredient with new improved science and efficacy, we’re able to consider how that will help and improve our product for you, our tribe. So you know that you’re always getting the best product available in the market, backed by the most recent scientific research.

Not all nutrients are equal

Other people use cheaper ingredients, and not as much of them - whereas we source the highest-quality ingredients that are scientifically proven to work, and use the optimum dose in each capsule. 

So you won’t find any cheeky asterisks on our packaging that might reveal you need to take 10 tablets to reach your RDA.

To conclude

We’ve worked tirelessly hard over the last year, after conducting over 200 interviews to find out what people expected from a premium product like this, before we even started, to make sure the following concerns were addressed with our product;

● Greatest efficacy of absorption of the nutrients so they work better than other simple vitamins you need to take with food

● Trusted, world leading manufacturing partners who only produce the world’s most premium branded quality products.

● Clean, vegan, natural ingredients

● No false claims - what you see is what you get on a daily basis

● Commitment to providing our customers the most scientifically proven ingredients that will help impact their health

● All science.

A bonus?

The number 1 irritation from people about their supplements was that they forgot them, because they didnt take them out with their food! 

With Heights, you can keep our Smart Supplement by your bedside table and have 2 pills as your first (or last)  brilliant idea of the day, with water. If you need more help, we even created a handy downloadable calendar reminder for your phone! 

If you have any more ideas for us - we’re always listening to our customers, just email feedback@yourheights.com

Thanks for taking the time to read this, we hope you love our product as much as we’ve loved making it for you.

- Joel 

**What this means is sometimes the oil leaks into the inner capsule, making it go dark. Pobody's nerfect 😉 It might look weird - but nothing bad happens inside you, these are totally safe to take and just as effective!