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The Heights Manifesto

This is the ethos that guides us—a commitment to ourselves, and to you.

Here they are. The words that represent what we are doing here.

A disproportionate amount of work has gone into our manifesto. That’s the way it should be—it’s not enough for it to be all right. For it to be just close enough, or relevant to some of us, not everyone.

This is what defines our mission, and our purpose as a company. It has to be perfect.

Our Manifesto

The brain.

The driver of everything we are and everything we do.

Our toughest decisions and wildest imagination, our deepest fears and greatest elation.

100 billion nerves. 100 trillion connections. Unlimited opportunities.

Our brains take care of everything.

But how do we take care of our brains?

Nature’s greatest and most valuable invention just needs a little time and attention.

To ensure that we can do whatever it is we put our minds to.

To realise and maximise our potential.

The brain, in all its brilliance, can seem complicated.

But braincare, is simple.

Ten everyday behaviours—like how we eat, breathe, sleep, and move.

The ideal environment for our brains to improve.

It’s a way of life, a passion. It’s what we’re about.

We are the community that cares for our brains.

Learning together. Sharing our knowledge. Sparking a movement.

So more and more people can be their best selves.

Live their best lives.

Reach their Heights.

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Dan Murray-Serter

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