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How to cultivate a positive mindset with Jay Shetty

Former monk and social media sensation Jay Shetty tells Heights how to be more positive.

Jay Shetty wants you to get specific about gratitude. Jay is a former monk and a formidable social media influencer with millions of fans and billions of views on his inspirational videos. Jay developed his holistic mindset during his continual evolution—from monk life to manager life to media life.

You can listen to episode 16 here .

How to have a positive mindset

On today's Braincare podcast, Jay Shetty explains the fundamentals of cultivating a positive mindset. He explains how, by embracing the amazing plasticity of the mind, we can rid ourselves of limiting beliefs and cultivate positive practices that open up new worlds of possibility.

So many of us grow up believing that this is who we are and we're stuck with it. What we don't realize is that just like we can upgrade our phones and upgrade our laptops, we can upgrade our minds.

Using mindfulness to confront reality

As a monk, Jay faced what he describes as the uncomfortable task of sitting in solitude with his thoughts, beliefs, and values. This experience, though painful, was key in informing his mindfulness practice that he shares with the world today.

We try and numb that negativity, through video games, TV shows, alcohol... and when you numb something, we all know this, it doesn't go away.

Podcast episode takeaways

In this first episode with Jay Shetty we will cover:

  • What are limiting beliefs and how can we get rid of them?

  • Weekly positive practices to cultivate a positive mindset

  • The power of specific gratitude

  • Meditation is for the bold: how to sit with your thoughts

  • The joyous consequences of learning something every day

  • Tools to process sorrow or sadness

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