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What’s behind your brain fog?

Brain fog affects your focus, energy, mood, and memory. Take our 2-minute quiz to see what’s causing yours.

Brain Fog symptoms

The basics of brain fog

Brain fog isn’t a diagnosis in itself—it’s emblematic of something else going on in your body. It might be chemical—a reaction to medication, or the result of a hormonal shift—or it could be related to your lifestyle. Diet, exercise, panic, and sleep all affect our brains.

And knowing what’s behind your brain fog is the first step to tackling it.

Your personal programme

No two brains are alike, so generic advice doesn’t cut it. That’s why we’ll give you tailored suggestions, based on your score, to help you overcome your brain fog.

The science behind the score

Your score is based on a series of lifestyle factors, weighted according to importance. You’ll see just how much diet, worries, sleep, and exercise contribute to your brain fog.

Vitamins to help clear the fog

It’s hard to get the right vitamins and minerals to battle brain fog. But Vitals⁺ has all the nutrition you need to get out of your rut, thinking quickly and clearly. 100% vegan, 2 capsules a day.

Vitals⁺ pill annotated with the various nutrients