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Braincare pillar 9: Digital diet

There’s a seven-in-ten chance you’re using a screen right now...

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Technology bites

Bigger screens, faster processors, more notifications. There’s barely an aspect of our lives that doesn’t intertwine with the digital world.

Constant connection means that the boundaries between work and rest, between digital and analogue, have been blurred. A total rejection of technology isn’t going to work. Instead, it’s all about finding a way to harness the power of the digital sphere.

Braincare podcast

Technology and mental health

On this episode, we spoke to Dr Rachael Kent, a lecturer and researcher at King’s College, London, about how digital tech influences our lives, whether it’s a good thing, and what we should do about it.

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For the nerdy

Want to see the science? Here are some academic papers to get you started.

Digital consumption and mental health

How children are affected by screen time