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Braincare pillar 8: Learning

Our exam days might be behind us, but learning is a lifelong process.

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Outside the classroom

At what point in life do we stop taking in new information? We might not be in school any longer, but we’re always learning. And we should keep it that way.

As well as having an obvious outcome (like knowing more things), learning has a hidden outcome. It keeps your brain healthy, flexible, and crucially, more resistant to cognitive decline. Not bad for a secondary effect.

Braincare podcast

How to remember anything

Never forget a fact again. In this episode, the Grandmaster of Memory, Ed Cooke, explains why we have trouble remembering things and the expert techniques to sharpen your own memory.

Person working at their desk

For the nerdy

Here are a few extra resources, if you’re serious about learning

How a tune can improve your neuroplasticity

Cognitive training and the ageing brain

A meta-analysis of studies on growth mindsets, motivation, and achievement