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Braincare pillar 6: Movement

We all know that moving is good for our bodies, but what do our brains think? 

Person running in front of sunrise

Why working out works

Stop reading this and go for a walk. Or do a 5k. Or go to the gym. Or sign up for a class. However you choose to do it, exercise is a good choice.

Most people associate exercise with cardiovascular health, and rightly so. But it’s also essential for our brains, our mental well-being, and our creativity. So put your shoes on, and get moving.

Braincare podcast

Exercise and the brain

Psychologist, author, and Stanford lecturer Dr Kelly McGonigal is on the mic in this episode. She shares her thoughts on how movement can affect the brain, as we discuss the many, many benefits of exercise.

Writing in a notebook with coffee

For the nerdy

Keen to move on to something a bit more advanced?

Why exercise can make us feel good