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Braincare pillar 1: Nutrition

Everything you need to know about how the food you eat affects your brain.

Oatmeal with various nuts and dry fruits

Why nutrition matters

What you eat affects your brain, your body, and everything in between. It seems simple. Almost too simple. But it’s true.

Getting the right nutrients has an impact on just about every bodily process, from cognition and memory to immunity and heart health. You wouldn’t let a car run on empty, and your brain is far more important than a set of wheels.

What the experts have to say

If we told you there’s a side-effect-free way to boost productivity by 50%, you’d jump at the chance, right?

Dr Tara Swart
Chief Science Officer
Book with coffee and glasses

For the nerdy

Want the evidence? Here are some of our favourite scientific papers on the role of nutrition in braincare. Something for you to get your teeth into.

Brain foods: the effect of nutrition on brain function

Recent research on anthocyanins

The link between B-vitamin deficiencies and brain atrophy

The benefits of omega 3