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Braincare pillar 5: Rest

What you need to know about rest, sleep, and lunch breaks.

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The importance of switching off

Much like breathing, we rest without thinking about it. And much like breathing, putting a little effort into improving and optimising your rest can make a huge difference.

With more news, more social media, and more worries than ever, overstimulation is a real problem. Learning how to switch off is part of the solution. 

Braincare podcast

How more rest makes better work

Founder of the Restful Company and best-selling author Alex Pang knows a thing or two about rest. In this episode, he explains what resting does to your brain, and why you can get more work done by doing less.

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For the nerdy

Need some extra bedtime reading?

Deep sleep maintains the brain’s learning efficiency

The effects of sleep deprivation in young adults

How processing memories during sleep can impact your mind for the better