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Bundle – Save 14%
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Unlock the power of a comprehensive approach to oral health.

See for yourself how a targeted combination of probiotics and essential nutrients can support the microbiome, overall health and well-being beyond the brush, before recommending Vitals⁺ and Biotic⁺ to your patients.

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The brains behind Heights

Our team of leading neurologists and dietitians translates cutting-edge research into effective formulas that actually make a difference.

  • Dr. Tara Swart, MD, PhD is an Oxford-trained medical doctor, a neuroscientist with a PhD in neuropharmacology, and a senior lecturer at MIT.

  • Sophie Medlin, RD is our Head of Nutritional Research, a consultant dietitian, chair of the British Dietetic Association for London, and founder of City Dietitians.

Expertise you can trust, in every capsule.

Vitals PDP — science, pill w. liquid

The science behind a healthy smile (and more!)

Our convenient, healthcare professional-approved supplements combine the power of 7 live probiotic strains of friendly bacteria, plus zinc, for an extra boost of immune support, and 20 essential nutrients, including vitamin D, iron, omega 3s, and B-complex.

Our formulas are designed to support a healthy gut microbiome, which research suggests plays a vital role in overall oral health.

No fillers or colorants
No allergen ingredients
No contaminants
Gluten free
100% vegan
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4.7/5 based on 627 reviews

A high-impact formula of seven highly researched probiotic strains, plus zinc, for the gut, immunity, and mind. Guaranteed to contain a minimum of 20 billion CFU in a single daily capsule.

With ingredients backed by 380+ studies, Biotic⁺ supports dermatological health, balances mood and quality of life, maintains microflora and gut health, and more.

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Real people, real results


We ran an 8-week in vivo, independent third-party study to really put Biotic⁺ to the test. Exploring the impact our 20 billion CFU formula has on the human microbiome, gut function and all-round well-being in a sample of healthy participants.
73% felt better mood*
68% improved perceived health*
92% maintained or increased microbial diversity*
Reduced wind and bloating
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4.7/5 based on 1,434 reviews

An all-in-one multivitamin, made by scientists.

Formulated with 20 vitamins, minerals, healthy fats and antioxidants, including vitamin D and full B-complex, to cover all your bases.

Rooted in 330+ scientific studies, the ingredients in Vitals⁺ support immune health to the nervous system to bone and oral health, and more.

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Real people, real results


We ran an in vivo, independent third-party study in partnership with Citrus Labs to see how Vitals⁺ performed under pressure. This 12-week study measured Vitals⁺ impact on everyday lives in a sample of healthy people. Here's how it did.
75% felt better overall
Improved recall
Better focus
Deeper sleep
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Symbiosis bundle

Take control of your health with an easy routine.

Vitals⁺ for 20 fundamental nutrients and Biotic⁺ for 20bn impactful live bacteria.

Two supplements. Three daily capsules. The complete package to give you the greatest impact, so you can look forward to brighter days.

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