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The right brains for your brain

When it comes to your brain - we don't take any chances. We work with leading experts in the fields of medicine, nutrition, neuroscience, mental well-being, wellness, and behaviour to enable you to take the best possible care for your brain. 

Dr Tara Swart

Dr Tara Swart, Chief Science Officer

As an Oxford University-trained medical doctor and neuroscientist, Dr Tara brings 25+ years of brain expertise to Heights. With a deep-seated passion for brain health, Dr Tara developed the Smart Supplement drawing from her PhD in neuropharmacology (laboratory testing of drugs for brain diseases), and BSc in Biomedical Science. 

As a senior lecturer at MIT and bestselling author of The Source, Dr Tara is singularly gifted at translating the science behind a healthy brain, and how to harness its power in your daily life.

Sophie Medlin, Head of Nutritional Research at Heights

Sophie Medlin, Head of Nutritional Research

As Chair of the British Dietetic Association of London, Sophie is a regular contributing dietitian on the BBC, Ch4, Ch5, ITV. With her extensive 15+ years of experience as a clinical dietitian, Sophie has worked in the NHS as a colorectal specialist and founded her own private practice, City Dietitians, as well as lecturing at King's College London. 

Joining Heights as our Head of Nutritional Research, Sophie co-developed our formula with Dr Tara and designs and leads all our scientific research studies.

Dan Murray-Serter & Joel Freeman, founders of Heights

The braincare revolution

After following very different paths involving anxiety, insomnia, and focus-hacking to realise professional potential—we discovered that brain nutrition was the answer we’d been looking for all along.

Now, we’re on a mission to make braincare easy and accessible to everyone. We developed our first product, the Smart Supplement to take care of the nutritional needs of your brain (which 99% of us don’t do). And our podcast, newsletter, and blog help you to take care of the lifestyle elements that combine to create a healthy brain. 

But this is just the beginning.

Dr Tara Swart with transparent background

We stand by the science

"Most supplements are a waste of time and money. That's what we found when we put the industry under the microscope. Ineffective ingredients, in minimal quantities, packed with fillers and toxins. Our brains and bodies deserve better. Much better."

Dr Tara Swart

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