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Rewire your stress response

Vitals⁺ is a research-backed supplement, formulated with high-impact nutrients that support your body’s ability to reduce anxiousness.


“I wouldn't be without it—it's my way of life now.” 

- Julie D. Verified Heights Customer

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How your body’s stress response gets short-circuited

When we’re feeling anxious, our body’s nutritional needs increase. Not only do we require more nutritional support than normal, we also use up our nutrients faster.  

But when we’re stressed, we’re even more tempted to reach for fatty, sugary foods which can throw our stress response out of whack. This results in an increased sensitivity to stress, and a decreased ability to manage it.

This is where Vitals⁺ comes in.  

Formulated by actual experts and backed by science, you get the nutritional support your body is crying out for when anxiousness hits.

Customer review

Jeffrey UGC -- close to 1:1

Luis G.

Verified Heights Customer

Since I started taking Heights, I did notice a positive change in my body. Better attitude, more relaxed, less stress and more enthusiasm. My sleep also improved, feel fully recharged when waking up.


When taken as directed, Heights delivers the hardest hitting extracts, vitamins and minerals in doses proven by science to make a difference on your level of stress*

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Reduces stress*

Heights' unique formula is designed to improve your natural ability to overcome stress.*

Improves sleep*

Get the deep restorative sleep you need to meet stress head on, and take back control of your life.*

Increase energy*

Fatigue is a thing of the past now that you have Heights to help increase your energy levels.*

Boosts mood*

For a better, more stable mood, Heights delivers Vitamin B6, B12, and Vitamin D to restore a positive state of mind.*

Daily Serving *

Omega 3 EPA



Vitamin B12



Vitamin C



Vitamin D3






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