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Antioxidants—the secret weapon

Antioxidants are a powerhouse which protect your cells from oxidative stress and fight infection. Oxidative stress is caused by free radicals—which we all have as a result of chronic stress, pollution, infections, and UV. Too many can cause cell damage and reduce immunity.

Antioxidants destroy them, support your immune response and help you bounce back.

All this in 2 capsules a day

Immune system support
Contributes to normal immune function, and protects cells from oxidative stress by combating inflammation.
Inflammation relief
Reduces oxidative stress, which is when free radicals wreak havoc— damaging DNA, membranes and cells and lower immunity.
Fights fatigue
Nutrients to support slow, consistent energy—helping your body do its job without crashing in the afternoon.
Helps stress response
Proper nutrition helps to reduce stress-related inflammation—supporting the immune system to fight what matters most.
Increases metabolism
Helping your body release energy from food efficiently fights sluggishness, and ensures your immune system is well-powered.
The best supplements for immune system support
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Two Smart Supplement capsules
How Heights differs from traditional supplements

Simply the best

We go to great lengths to ensure the quality of all 20 vitamins and minerals in the Smart Supplement. Our capsules are clean, 100% vegan, and free from any fillers or contaminants—designed so the nutrients have the highest impact.

Because you deserve to feel your best.

Bigger impact, better value

Quality nutrition isn’t cheap. We investigated and found that, bought separately, our ingredients would set you back £105 a month, with 14 pills a day. With Heights’ unique formula, you get the same for £30 and 2 capsules a day. And, if it’s in Heights, you don’t need to get it from anywhere else.

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Multiple different supplements and pills

5-a-day doesn’t cut it

Five portions of fruit and veg is a great starting point, but it’s just a first step. And 76% of adults in the UK don’t even manage that. In fact, we found that 99% don’t get the full set of nutrients their brains need. Do you?

Consistency made simple

Research shows that sustained change is the key to success. The Smart Supplement is easy to remember, easy to take, and our monthly subscription means that you never run out. Convenient and flexible, so it works for you.

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The complete immunity supplement

  • Plant-based
  • Allergen-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Non-GMO
  • No fillers or colourants
  • No contaminants
Kiwi representing vitamin-C
Helps to reduce inflammation, strengthens skin barriers, and encourages the production and function of white blood cells.
Daily Serving
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Speak to our expert dietitian now

Live chat with Sophie Medlin, RD, to answer any nutrition questions you may have. Sophie is the founder of City Dietitians, the chair of the British Dietetic Association, and our Head of Nutritional Research.

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Sophie Medlin, Head of Nutritional Research at Heights

The brains behind Heights

Our team of doctors and scientists make every decision about the Smart Supplement. Armed with the latest research, they regularly update our formulation, so each bottle contains the most effective nutrition.

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Sophie Medlin, Head of Nutritional Research at Heights
Sophie Medlin, RD
Head of Nutritional Research
Sophie Medlin, RD
Head of Nutritional Research
Consultant dietitian, chair of British Dietetic Association for London, founder of City Dietitians, spokesperson for evidence-based nutrition, and lecturer at King's College London.
Dr Tara Swart with grey background
Dr Tara Swart, PhD
Chief Science Officer
Dr Tara Swart, PhD
Chief Science Officer
Neuroscientist, medical doctor, leadership advisor, and MIT lecturer with a PhD in neuropharmacology.
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Read all FAQs

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