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Bundle – Save 14%
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Endurance athlete Joshua Patterson redefined what’s possible. And Heights powered every step of the way. With trusted, science-backed supplements that drive you forward.

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Joshua Patterson on our products

"With Heights guiding me, giving me the shortcut my mind and body needs to take on such a huge feat, those mountains seemed to be just that little bit smaller."

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Reach new Heights

76 marathons. 76 cities. 76 days.

As Joshua's sole supplement sponsor, Heights led him to the world record. And that’s only the beginning.

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PDP hero – bottle with blueberries & lemon
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4.8/5 based on 1,648 reviews

Perform at your peak with our unique blend of 20 fundamental nutrients, fuelling your body and feeding your brain in two capsules a day.

2 a day
30 day supply
Boosts energy
Improves focus
Supports sleep

Our benefits

Elevate your daily regimen with just two capsules a day. Minimal effort for maximum impact.

Vitals PDP — benefits block, brighter days
Supports heart health*

Omega 3 EPA contributes to normal heart health and the maintenance of normal blood pressure.*

Assists the immune system*

Folate (B9), iron, and vitamins A, C, D, B6 and B12 support immune function—maintaining your natural defences.*

Keeps skin, hair & nails healthy*

Zinc and biotin (B7) maintain hair and skin—keeping them healthy and strong.*

Supports bone health*

Vitamin D is essential in the maintenance of strong, healthy bones and teeth.*

Maintains a healthy nervous system*

Thiamin (B1) and riboflavin (B2) play a role in nerve function and vitamin D maintains muscle function—so you can keep moving forward.*

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4.7/5 based on 811 reviews

Push your boundaries with our smarter blend of 7 high impact live strains and zinc. Guaranteed to contain a minimum of 20bn CFU in a single daily capsule.

1 per day
30 day supply
Improves digestion*
Reduces bloating*
Balances mood*

The benefits

Live bacteria that go further.

SPB — Benefits
Microbial diversity

A third-party human (in vivo) study showed that our active bacteria increases microbial diversity in the colon, balancing the gut microbiome.

Immune health

Our probiotic blend includes zinc, which contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress and the normal function of the immune system.

Skin, hair, and nails

The zinc in Biotic⁺ contributes to the maintenance of normal hair, skin, and nails.

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Our team of respected scientists and dietitians never stop working to bring you the results you want, so you can always trust that our supplements lead the way. Just ask Joshua.

Sophie – Experts
Sophie Medlin, RD
Head of Nutritional Research
Sophie Medlin, RD
Head of Nutritional Research
Our Head of Nutritional Research, a consultant dietitian, chair of the British Dietetic Association for London, and founder of City Dietitians.
Tara – Experts
Dr Tara Swart, PhD
Chief Science Officer
Dr Tara Swart, PhD
Chief Science Officer
An Oxford- trained medical doctor, a neuroscientist with a PhD in neuropharmacology, and a senior lecturer at MIT.