Braincare is the bedrock.

When you need to be at your best, Vitals⁺ helps you make the most of every day.

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Ladi’s braincare story

The bedrock to building good, healthy routines… making sure I have the best start to the day possible.

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“I’ve never felt better.”

Businesses, investments, MBAs—Ladi’s got a lot on his mind, so it’s essential that he makes the most of every day. The nutrients in Vitals⁺ help him reset mentally, giving him reassurance that he’s ready for the challenges that lie ahead.


Our clean, high-impact formula of 20 essential vitamins and minerals, including vitamins D, C and B12, and omega 3, sets your day up right. So you can focus on the things that matter.

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Sharper focus

Improves concentration and mental performance—enhancing focus, memory and learning.

Better sleep

Supports deep, restorative sleep—putting you on the front foot for the day ahead.

Balanced mood

Regulates mood, promotes positivity and supports stress and anxiety management.

Clearer mind

Banishes brain fog and encourages clarity, fighting mental fatigue and inflammation.

No fillers
No allergen ingredients
No contaminants
Gluten free
100% vegan
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