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“It started with panic attacks”

Our brain-focused Vitals⁺ combines 20 essential nutrients in a unique formulation to help calm anxiety and support your mental health.

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Lindsay, Heights customer

"Before I didn’t feel like I could rely on my body. Now with Vitals⁺ I feel like I can rely on my body to do what it needs to do in an optimal way.”

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“It affects my mood, psychology, mental health and well-being.”

After her panic attacks, a doctor recommended Lindsay various supplements as part of her treatment, but it was hard to keep on top of 10+ pills a day. 

With Vitals⁺, she gets everything she needs in two.


Our top-rated formula of 20 key vitamins and minerals, including vitamins D, C and B12, and omega 3 targets everything from poor sleep to brain fog and stress.

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Monthly plan

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Balanced mood*

Regulates mood, promotes positivity and supports stress and anxiety management.

Sharper focus*

Improves concentration and mental performance—enhancing focus, memory and learning.

Sounder sleep*

Supports deep, restorative sleep—giving your brain time to rest and repair itself.

Whole-body health*

For heart health, the immune system, stronger bones, and stronger hair and nails.

No fillers
No allergen ingredients
No contaminants
Gluten free
100% vegan
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