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How to take care of your brain

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The benefits of brain teasers

Neuroplasticity—the brain's ability to adapt and form new connections. Challenging yourself with activities like brain teasers, or learning a language, helps your brain create new pathways and connections, even as it gets older.

That’s why staying curious is one of the 5 braincare behaviours—simple habits to help you feel happier and healthier, and do more of what you want to do.

Learn how to take care of your brain

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Braincare 101

What actually is braincare?

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Think braincare

Your brain. It’s at the centre of everything you feel. Something worth looking after.

Most brain development happens before the age of 25.  After that, it starts to lose mass. But it doesn’t have to be all downhill—by taking care of our brains, we can keep them healthy and flexible, working at their best, so we can do more of what we love.

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Customer review
Stephen Fry
Stephen Fry
Actor, Comedian, Writer, Thinker

I hope I'm smart enough to know that excessive claims are silly, but I can certainly say that taking Heights has me feeling uncommonly fresh, perky, and lively in the mind. I'm a huge fan of it!

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Customer review
Renee Elliot
Renée Elliott
Founder of Planet Organic

One thing I know is high quality supplements, as I've been selecting only the best for our stores from the start. Heights is so good I've bought 5 subscriptions - my family are all fans and you should be too.

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"We need clarity and focus. By taking Heights each morning, it nourishes our brains."
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Birgitte Customer of Heights
"I have always tried to look after my body by eating healthy, regular yoga classes, doing Fit20 (high-intensity trainin…
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Caitlin, Heights customer, holding Vitals⁺
"Heights contained all the supplements I was taking anyway, but with the added benefits of braincare."
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will profile
“My brain health is so important to my recovery. I am excited to see how Heights will help me over the coming months”.
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Rita, Heights customer, holding the Heights Vitals⁺
"Heights contributes to my wellbeing in so many ways, and supports me as I show up as my best self for myself, my frien…
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Erica, Heights customer, holding the Heights Vitals⁺
"While I await diagnosis, it's been really important for me to make sure I am doing what I can to look after my brain a…
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"There's so much I want to do and a focused mind will be key to achieving it all. I'm grateful I came across Heights."
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"Health and nutrition is the crux of my happiness. For me having enough sleep and feeling balanced everyday is so impor…
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Imi Read
"For me, Heights captures some fundamental needs: to be healthy, to be educated, and to be part of a community."
Imi Read, Heights customer
Samantha, Heights Customer, holding Vitals⁺
"I support Heights because I can see they’re really trying to do good for our world". Moyo is living her calling as a f…
Moyo Samantha Dp