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The Heights B vitamin study

We ran our own study, and the results were eye-opening. 71% and 93% of participants were deficient in vitamins B1 and B2 respectively. Together, these deficiencies may cause low mood, inability to focus, and lethargy. 

But after a 9-month trial, the participants who had taken the Smart Supplement regularly saw a 100% improvement of B vitamin levels across the board. Not bad.

Brain food

25% of your brain is made up of omega 3, an essential fatty acid. It’s vital to neurological function, and helps with memory, focus, mood, and long-term brain health. But you can’t produce it, and unless you eat a lot of algae or oily fish, it’s hard to get from your diet. 

The Smart Supplement contains both key types of omega 3, DHA and EPA, so you can put down the cod liver oil.

Read more about omega 3
Smart Supplement pill annotated with the various nutrients

Meet the B-team

B-complex gets a lot of hype, but for good reason—the vitamins help you feel more alert and energised. Their effects on energy metabolism combat fatigue and stress, while improved mental performance and nervous system function will help your concentration and focus.

Learn more about B vitamins

Watch out, sunshine

As it comes mostly from sunlight, it’s hard to get vitamin D3 in winter, and even harder to get it from your diet. It’s involved in over 200 body and brain functions, from cell growth to immunity, and is essential for maintaining concentration. A billion people are deficient in D3. Don’t be one of them.

Find out more about vitamin D3

Our Smart Supplement

Sharpen focus
Give your brain the nutrients it needs to boost concentration and mental clarity.
Fight fatigue
The right nutrition promotes consistent energy release, without peaks and troughs.
Banish brain fog
Feeding your brain well keeps your mind alert and agile throughout the day.
Relieve stress
Maintain normal brain function, reducing stress and promoting a calm, focused state.
Improve memory
Taking care of your brain will help your memory and recall stay sharp.
How does nutrition lead to better focus?
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Two Smart Supplement capsules

The 20 nutrients in the Smart Supplement

  • Plant-based
  • Gluten-free
  • Non-GMO
  • No fillers or colourants
  • No contaminants
  • No allergen ingredients
Seaweed representing DHA omega 3
DHA is vital to the structure of the brain, and may improve memory, learning, immunity and inflammation.
Daily Serving
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Stephen Fry, Actor, Comedian, Writer, Thinker

What our customers think

I hope I'm smart enough to know that excessive claims are silly, but I can certainly say with all truth that taking Heights has coincided with me feeling uncommonly fresh, perky, and lively in the mind. I'm a huge fan of it!
Stephen Fry, Actor, Comedian, Writer, Thinker
Stephen Fry
Actor, Comedian, Writer, Thinker
Eleanor O'Keefe, Heights customer

What our customers think

This has been a lifesaver during lockdown. Heights have definitely improved my concentration and, I'm sleeping really well and the anxiety of world events has been much more manageable than I'd have expected.
Eleanor O'Keefe, Heights customer
Eleanor O'Keefe
Editorial director, CogX
Fleurine Tideman, Heights customer

What our customers think

Wow! I have struggled with fatigue, tiredness, low energy, and a poor immune system for years. But, after 3 months of Heights, I feel the effects completely! I have more energy, sleep better, and feel better all-round. The best vitamins for energy I’ve found so far.
Fleurine Tideman, Heights customer
Fleurine T.
Writer, mental health advocate
Renée Elliott, Founder of Planet Organic

What our customers think

It's the best of its kind on the market. One thing I know is high quality supplements, as I've been selecting only the best for our stores since we started. Heights is so good I've bought 5 subscriptions - my husband and 3 kids are all fans, and you should be too.
Renée Elliott, Founder of Planet Organic
Renée Elliott
Founder of Planet Organic
Ladi Greenstreet, Venture Capital Investor

What our customers think

It’s only been 6 weeks but I’m already feeling the difference in my energy levels. I’m expected to be on top of my game at all times and Heights is definitely helping me feel sharp and productive, with less tiredness and fatigue.
Ladi Greenstreet, Venture Capital Investor
Ladi Greenstreet
Venture Capital Investor
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Read all FAQs

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