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Share your story with Heights

Braincare is all about community. And you are what makes this community. That’s why we want to share your story—helping other people facing similar challenges.

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What if I don't have a story?

You do. We all have our own story of how we got here. It’s easy to compare ourselves to others, and feel like our stories don’t measure up. But they do, and every story is powerful. Think about:

  • What would you like to achieve?

  • What has been holding you back?

  • What would you tell someone struggling with the same thing?

How can I share my story?

Some people prefer to chat. Others prefer to take a quiet moment to write out their story. That is why you can either:

Where will my story be shared?

You can choose where you would be comfortable sharing your story. The options are:

  • Social Media

  • Email

  • Ads

  • Podcast

  • Website

  • Blog

It's completely up to you.

When will my story be shared?

Depending on your preferences (and our schedule), it will vary when we can get your story out there.

But that doesn't mean it will be forgotten—we go through all the stories every week to see which we can share. And we’re creating more and more spaces in our community to share more and more stories, every month.

Also, when we share your story, we’ll give you a free month of Vitals⁺, as our thank you to you.

Welcome to the community

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Caitlin, Heights customer, holding Vitals⁺
"Heights contained all the supplements I was taking anyway, but with the added benefits of braincare."
caitlin avatar
will profile
“My brain health is so important to my recovery. I am excited to see how Heights will help me over the coming months”.
will profile photo
Rita, Heights customer, holding the Heights Vitals⁺
"Heights contributes to my wellbeing in so many ways, and supports me as I show up as my best self for myself, my frien…
Rita profile photo
Erica, Heights customer, holding the Heights Vitals⁺
"While I await diagnosis, it's been really important for me to make sure I am doing what I can to look after my brain a…
erica profile
myo profile
"We need clarity and focus. By taking Heights each morning, it nourishes our brains."
myo avatar
Hadley profile
"There's so much I want to do and a focused mind will be key to achieving it all. I'm grateful I came across Heights."
Hadley avatar
rhone profile3 cropped
"Health and nutrition is the crux of my happiness. For me having enough sleep and feeling balanced everyday is so impor…
rhona avatar
Imi Read
"For me, Heights captures some fundamental needs: to be healthy, to be educated, and to be part of a community."
Imi Read, Heights customer
Birgitte Customer of Heights
"I have always tried to look after my body by eating healthy, regular yoga classes, doing Fit20 (high-intensity trainin…
Luna Art Logo
Samantha, Heights Customer, holding Vitals⁺
"I support Heights because I can see they’re really trying to do good for our world". Moyo is living her calling as a f…
Moyo Samantha Dp
Jonnie Moore
"Heights has helped sustain my energy throughout the day, improved my focus, and, brightened up my skin."
Jonnie Moore DP
Lauren Lovatt
"I have loved watching Heights evolve over this past year and think that practical mental health information and lifest…
Lauren Lovatt DP
Tabbie Megan, Heights customer, holding Vitals⁺
"I have 2 main aims currently, number 1 being to do everything I can do look after my mental health consistently in a s…
Tabbie Megan DP
Grace Vella, Heights customer, holding Vitals⁺
"Good brain health allows me to make better decisions and remain focused."
Grace Vella DP
Sam Poullain, Heights customer, holding Vitals⁺
"I want my brain to be at its best to help me enjoy life and be as impactful as I can in my work, so brain health is a …
Sam Poullain DP
Max Whicher
"I used to think I was invincible and often told myself 'they may be smarter than me, but they'll never outwork me' - t…
Max Whicher DP
Genevieve profile
"I firmly intend to remain sharp, healthy and relevant enough to continue working well into the next decades."
Genevieve V