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Tips for coping with anxiety

The best tips for dealing with anxiety (that work for us)

 Advice for coping with anxiety is often too generic, and not very useful. So we’ve pulled together some tried-and-tested ideas that are simple and approachable.

Some of these are small, some a little bigger, but just try what you can and see what works for you.

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We talk openly and honestly about how to deal with anxiety on our blog. Here are two of our favourite articles:

4 best vitamins for anxiety

Think of it as fuel in your vehicle. Don’t let your mental health gas tank run empty.

Pay attention to the right foods, and you’ll start to see how your daily nutrition habits can have a real impact on your mood and anxiety.

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Anxiety struggles

Heights actually started as a result of our co-founder, Dan Murray-Serter dealing with months of chronic anxiety and insomnia. Read more about his story and the breakthrough moment that got him on the road to recovery.

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