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Ways to relieve stress

How the experts deal with stress

We speak to a lot of very clever people at Heights. We’ve taken all the tips they’ve shared with us, and put them into simple, practical things you can do when you’re feeling stressed. 

Some are things you can do in the heat of the moment, others are habits that take time, but these are all tried and tested by us.

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We need to talk about stress

For something that we feel so often, it’s strange how little we try to understand how stress works. Here are two articles that look a little deeper:

Nutrition and Stress

Stress is a part of the modern world, but there are things we can do to look after ourselves.

Herbs, vitamins and minerals have a long history as a way to manage stress, and modern research suggests that some specific supplements may be especially effective.

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Your brain on stress

It kills neurons and damages the brain. And that’s without mentioning the effects it has on the cardiovascular system. 

But what actually happens when we’re stressed?

And why do we get stressed in the first place?

Find out
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