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I struggled with chronic insomnia, stress and anxiety for a long time. My journey led me to the realisation that I wasn’t feeding my brain what it needed to do its job, and ultimately to starting Heights. I wanted to give you the chance to see how upgrading how you fuel your brain can help you too. Just enter the code PODCASTFRIENDS at checkout.
Dan Murray-Serter

The Smart Supplement

Designed by neuroscientists and dietitians, because your brain deserves expertise.
The highest quality nutrients for better brain health and mental well-being—now, and for your future.
  • Improves sleep & energy
  • Sharpens focus & memory
  • Boosts mood & helps manage stress
30-day supply
One-time purchase
Our experts recommend you trial Heights for at least 3 months, to give your brain and body time to absorb the nutrients.
Free UK delivery every month
Through the letterbox
Pause or cancel any time

How caring for your brain benefits you

Backed by clinical evidence
Brain health
Supports the release of energy from your food to help with the reduction of tiredness and fatigue and protect against stress.
Supports healthy sleep cycles to protect cognitive and physical health, as well as healthy brain function.
Supports day-to-day cognitive function and mental performance, and assists with learning.
Nourishes and maintains nervous system functions in the brain and body. (The nervous system is the control centre of the body)
Mental wellness
Helps with focus and concentration, and enhances mental clarity.
Supports and augments memory and recall ability.
Promotes positive mood and mood regulation. Also helps to maintain normal levels of neurotransmitter production and usage.
Supports normal psychological function, and assists with stress management and anxiety.
General well-being
Contributes to normal immune function, and protects cells from oxidative stress by combating inflammation.
Promotes heart health, supports the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels, and contributes to red blood cell production.
Supports the metabolism of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.
Promotes healthy skin, hair, nails, eyes and more.
Ageing well
Facilitates restful sleep for cellular repair, emotional processing, and protection against cognitive decline.
Supports energy release and combats tiredness and fatigue.
Slows down the ageing of brain cells by combating oxidative stress, which can cause damage to cells and increases with age.
Potentially reduces the risk of age-related brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s, as well as other forms of dementia and memory loss.

#1 for your brain

Getting everything the brain needs from our diet is virtually impossible—99% of us don’t manage it. That’s why we made the Smart Supplement.

Why you can trust us with your brain

Our experts decide on every single aspect of the Smart Supplement—each ingredient, where it comes from, the exact quantities, and the way they’re put together to maximise absorption.

More about our formula

All in one

Make space on your supplement shelf. We include each nutrient in the quantity shown by science to make a difference to your brain and body. So, if it’s in Heights, you don’t need to get it from anywhere else.

The 20 nutrients your brain needs

  • Plant-based
  • Gluten-free
  • Non-GMO
  • No fillers or colourants
  • No contaminants
  • No allergen ingredients
DHA is vital to the structure of the brain, and may improve memory, learning, immunity and inflammation.
Daily Serving
Anthocyanins optimise blood flow to the brain, fight cellular inflammation, help with memory, concentration and focus.
Daily Serving
B12 supports the normal function of nerve cells, crucial for DNA synthesis and is thought to prevent brain atrophy.
Daily Serving
Vitamin D3 reduces harmful amyloid plaques in the brain which may improve resistance against age-related diseases.
Daily Serving
Iron is essential for energy levels, oxygen transport, and may improve short- and long-term memory and attention.
Daily Serving
A vital antioxidant crucial to cognitive performance, neurotransmitter synthesis and maintains vascular function.
Daily Serving
†2 Capsules daily. ‡Nutrient Reference Value. +No NRV established.
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Future you will thank you

Just some of the benefits you can expect next month, next year, always.

Month 1

B Vitamins and blueberries get to work

You may feel more alert and energetic as your energy metabolism improves and essential nutrient levels replenish. Memory and concentration may also start to improve.
Key nutrients at work: B Vitamins, Anthocyanins
Months 2—3

Other vitamins start to absorb

You might be sleeping better, and your skin and hair may look more radiant. Your immune system will be bolstered, and your mind may feel sharper and more focused.
Key nutrients at work: Zinc, Vit C, Selenium, Iodine, B12
Months 4—6

Absorbed nutrients working together

Your mood may be improved, as well as memory recall and mental performance. You’ll also notice more energy; and behind the scenes, antioxidants are fighting inflammation.
Key nutrients at work: Antioxidants (Vit C, E, A), Vit D3, Iron, Omega 3 DHA & EPA, Chromium
Months 6 and beyond

Benefits of sustained nutrition

Maintains healthy brain function and helps reduce the risk of age-related diseases like Alzheimer’s, as well as heart disease, LDL cholesterol and certain cancers.
Key nutrients at work: Zinc, Vit C, Selenium, Iodine, B12

What our customers think

I hope I'm smart enough to know that excessive claims are silly, but I can certainly say with all truth that taking Heights has coincided with me feeling uncommonly fresh, perky, and lively in the mind. I'm a huge fan of it!
Stephen Fry
Actor, Comedian, Writer, Thinker

What our customers think

I’m 57 yrs old and started Heights 4 months ago. I'm no longer B12, iron and D deficient, I'm alert and sharp as nails and I can feel my memory improving. Lastly, I have a general sense of wellbeing, and I’m more energetic after a long period of having slowed down due to age.
Natasha X.
Mum, sculptress

What our customers think

It’s only been 6 weeks but I’m already feeling the difference in my energy levels. I’m expected to be on top of my game at all times and Heights is definitely helping me feel sharp and productive, with less tiredness and fatigue.
Ladi Greenstreet
Venture Capital Investor

What our customers think

Wow! I have struggled with fatigue, tiredness, low energy, and a poor immune system for years. But, after 3 months of Heights, I feel the effects completely! I have more energy, sleep better, and feel better all-round. The best vitamins for energy I’ve found so far.
Fleurine T.
Writer, mental health advocate

What our customers think

This has been a lifesaver during lockdown. Heights have definitely improved my concentration and, I'm sleeping really well and the anxiety of world events has been much more manageable than I'd have expected.
Eleanor O'Keefe
Editorial director, CogX

What our customers think

It feels great having both my brain food and extra supplements all rolled into a righteous hit at the start of the day. Also got that sweet omega 3 and B12 for my plant-based diet.
Jonathan Petrides
Founder, All Plants

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