How to breathe your way calm

Most of us are under constant, chronic stress—it’s just one of the facts of modern-day living. Always being ‘on’, and juggling work, life, deadlines, admin, social engagements, and home responsibilities can mean that our stress response is triggered many times throughout the day.

One of the ways stress can manifest in the body is in the breath. Instead of using our diaphragm, and telling our parasympathetic nervous system that we’re safe—we breathe quick, shallow breaths high up in our chests, which signals our body that we’re in danger.
Yoga breathing exercises are a fantastic way to learn how to calm our breath, and ease our stress response in the process.

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Want to feel less stressed? The answer could be closer than you think.

Open any health mag or listen to any wellness podcast, and you’ll likely be faced with the dangers of stress on your body. The results are just as stressful as the issue itself—with more possible physical and psychological effects than we can count.

We're just scratching the surface here, but things like high blood pressure, reduced immune function and disrupted sleep can all be attributed to stress.
The secret to handling your stress response and avoiding those myriad symptoms might be a lot closer than you think. Super close actually, like… as close as your best mate.

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Reframe your attitude to stress

It’s widely acknowledged that stress is a Bad Thing, that should be avoided as much as possible - in pursuit of the evasive balance. But, it’s really there to help us, according to Stanford’s Dr Kelly McGonigal.

‘Stress is evolution's biological mechanism to help us engage with, and adapt to life. It can force you to clarify your values and priorities, and help you rise to a challenge. It is necessary for learning and growing, and it can often be a catalyst for strengthening and increasing social connections.’

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