Wasting time? Try these 5 steps to tackle procrastination

—by Laura Sugden

Had the motivation of Garfield lately? It’s tough to get in the zone right now, especially from home, when there always seems to be other, more pressing things to do than your work todo list. (My oven has never been cleaner.)

The secret to dodging procrastination is… there isn’t one. But there are a few things that might help. By reframing your mindset, fixing your immediate surroundings, or adjusting the amount that you try and tackle at any one time—you might just be able to break the cycle.

The 3 essential tools you need to build resilience

—by Dan Murray-Serter

Many of the skills needed to cultivate resilience in our wider lives are vital for a strong work life too.

The thing with resilience though, is that it needs resources. It’s not necessarily something you just have. According to therapist Dr. Michael Ungar—in order to cultivate resilience, you need to build the “capacity to navigate towards the resources you need to cope in difficult situations, as well as negotiate to get these resources in a way that makes sense to you”.

So, the question is—do you have the resources you need to be resilient at work?

👉 Resilience resources

Is zoom taking over your life?

—by Laura Sugden

“Sorry, you’re on mute”, has to be one of the most-used phrases of 2020. Even in ordinary circumstances, meetings at work are a time-sucker—but virtually? That’s next level.

Here are some top tips on how to lead a successful meeting, shared from Steven Rogelberg, a professor of organizational science, management and psychology at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, and author of The Surprising Science of Meetings. There’s some really interesting thinking around how to take back your time, make your group discussions actually productive, and how to strategically plan.

👉 3 steps to more efficient meetings

Fun fact: Did you know that fish get their Omega 3 from algae? That’s where we get ours, too. We’ve always suspected that fish were smarter than us.

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