The Smart Multivitamin

One less thing to think about.

We found a way to combine both the essential oils and key nutrients your brain needs in one clever capsule, enabling better absorption and intelligent delivery of the goodness within.

Our high quality, natural ingredients contribute to normal:

Brain function

Learning, concentration and memory

Psychological function

Mood and emotional wellbeing

Mental performance

Signalling between cells that keep you sharp

Energy-yielding metabolism

Fuel for the day

Peace of mind


No colourants or synthetic fillers


Why a capsule in a capsule?

Good question. Each nutrient in our Smarter Multivitamin has a unique receptor in your digestive system where it's absorbed.

Normal capsules can take a long time to dissolve. By which time the nutrients will have passed their receptors, rendering them a bit useless tbh.

Our capsule in a capsule has been cleverly designed to release the nutrients inside where they have the most chance of being absorbed. Delivering you a targeted hit of quality, brain-friendly nourishment. 

Everything you need. Nothing you don't.

We've thought long and hard about putting together quality ingredients to support your synapses. We've replaced fillers and caking agents with even more responsibly sourced, all natural nutrients and all at the optimal levels that can be difficult to attain in our modern diets. Read about our ingredients



B Vitamins


Vitamin D


Trace Elements


Vitamin A

Got a question?

We've got an answer.

More FAQs
  • Let's start with what's not in there - no caking agents, synthetic fillers or nasties - we believe that our tribe should get what they paid for - you've paid for goodness to fuel your brain, and we were shocked when researching our competitors and other brands at what they choose to put in.

  • While we can't see any reason not to, it is always best to check with your doctor or a pharmacist before taking supplements with prescription medication. There is some emerging data on how taking some of the nutrients in Heights alongside treatment for anxiety, depression and ADHD can make the medication work more effectively but we'd really rather you chatted to your doctor before you give it a go.

  • If we're all honest with ourselves, we know that nothing can replace a perfectly healthy diet, a stress free life and being in incredible shape. Unfortunately, for most of us, that isn't achievable or sustainable. Heights offers you the best quality nutrients we can bring you in a presentation that fits in with your life. Having suboptimal levels of these nutrients in your diet is unhealthy so ensuring that your levels are up is far healthier.

  • This isn't a one hit wonder. Research shows that the longer you take vitamins, the better they work, and the better you feel. And we want you to be the best you can be. By subscribing to our service, it's one less thing you have to think about, and you'll see optimum results.