5 natural ways to boost your energy

Hit an energy wall? Try these 5 natural ways to boost your energy. Your brain will thank you.

From upbeat songs to power naps these 5 natural energy boosters will help you beat fatigue

Looking for 5 natural ways to boost energy? You’ve come to the right place.

Is the 3 pm energy slump familiar to you? Common quick-fix energy-boosters like caffeine, sugar, or energy drinks might provide you with a short burst of energy, but ultimately the effects won’t last. You’ll be left with a crash, the jitters, or trouble sleeping.

Instead, try these 5 natural ways to boost energy. Your brain and body will love them and, as an added bonus, they’ll help you shake off nerves, get more creative, and focus too.

How can I boost my energy naturally?

Wondering how to increase energy levels, without the side effects of your quick-fix vices? Here are 5 science-backed ways to boost your energy, naturally:

  1. Get moving

  2. Shuffle to your soundtrack

  3. Hydrate

  4. Value your vitamins

  5. Take a break

Now let’s dig into the details...

5 natural ways to boost energy

1. Get moving

Working from home means a lot of sitting. Office jobs have always been sedentary, but thanks to video meetings, many people aren’t even getting up to move from meeting room to meeting room anymore. It's no wonder that we’re desperately seeking how to increase energy levels.

Try incorporating some short bursts of movement into your workday, this simple squat is a great place to start. You might feel silly, but the beauty of working from home is no one’s watching!

Curious? Read more about movement can boost your creativity .


Simple exercises, like squats and stretches, are great ways to boost energy and creativity.

2. Shuffle your soundtrack

Music can have a big effect on your mood. Find what works for you, whether that’s chilled jazz or club anthems, and don’t be afraid to switch it up if you’re feeling sluggish. This is our go-to when we need a quick boost of energy (Singing along: not optional).

Want to know how your brain responds to sound? Listen to professor Sophie Scott on the Braincare podcast .


Whether it’s a chilled tune or an upbeat album, songs are great for boosting energy and lifting spirits.

3. Hydrate

You know in your bones what we’re about to say: reach for water over energy drinks or coffee. It’s the simplest braincare hack, with some of the biggest returns. Dehydration can make you feel drained and unfocused, so it’s essential for your energy levels to make sure you’re drinking enough water throughout the day (roughly 2-3L).

Want to know exactly what water does for the brain? Drink it all up .


One of the most important ways to boost energy is to drink 2-3L of water a day.

4. Value your vitamins

Of course this one was coming, but it’s true. (Hey, we're passionate about this stuff!). B vitamins especially play a key role in your energy levels. They’re what our cells need to generate energy and are one of the most common nutrient insufficiencies, as we found in our own Heights vitamin study .

Read more about B vitamins here.


Ensuring you’re not lacking in any vitamins, especially B vitamins, can help you have more energy.

5. Take a break

If, even after you’ve exhausted all of these, you’re still feeling, well, exhausted, then don’t be afraid to just stop. Yes, really. If you’re getting distracted easily, don’t force yourself to keep going. Go for a walk, call your mum, or have a nap. Sometimes it’s best to take a break and come back to it later.

Why does your brain need rest to be productive? Learn all about it on this episode of the Braincare podcast with Alex Pang.


If you’ve tried all of these natural ways to boost energy and are still tired, it’s time for a break.

How can I boost my energy fast?

We get it, you’re busy. If the thought of fitting these 5 things into your day is tiring in itself, then keep it quick instead. Here’s how to boost energy, the super speedy version:

  • Shake it off.

    Incorporate short bursts of movement throughout the day.

  • Have a water bottle to hand.

    Keep a drink close by so it’s minimal effort to stay hydrated.

  • Take a power nap.

    If you didn’t catch much deep sleep , take a 10-20 minute afternoon nap.

  • Try a supplement.

Want more energy hacks? We got together with registered dietitians Jessica Dogert and Jasmine El Nabli on Braincare Club on Clubhouse to discuss how supplements and foods can improve your clarity, energy, and sleep. Read the recap here .


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