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Neglect your brain and the rest of your body suffers. With the right nutrition, you can feel better, every day. What’s stopping you?

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The Smart Supplement

We go to great lengths to ensure the quality of our top-rated formula of 20 key vitamins and minerals so that you feel better, all day, every day.
Sharper focus
More energy
Sounder sleep
Improved mood
Full-body wellbeing
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We target the source

Lethargy, anxiety, distraction. These slow our bodies down. But we go straight to the root of things—the brain. We make sure it has the nutrients it needs to thrive, and impact your whole body. So you feel better, all day, every day.

Customer review
Hear Stephen Fry talk about his struggles with mental health and how to live with them.
Stephen Fry
Actor, Comedian, Writer, Thinker
Customer review

I hope I'm smart enough to know that excessive claims are silly, but I can certainly say that taking Heights has me feeling uncommonly fresh, perky, and lively in the mind. I'm a huge fan of it!

Watch our interview with Stephen Fry
Customer review
Listen to Renée Elliott explain what sets Heights apart from other supplements.
Renée Elliott
Founder of Planet Organic
Customer review

One thing I know is high quality supplements, as I've been selecting only the best for our stores from the start. Heights is so good I've bought 5 subscriptions - my family are all fans and you should be too.

Watch us interview Renée Elliott

Our reviews

| 521+ reviews
My mind is sharper and I've got more physical and mental energy. People keep telling me how well I look. I don't normally sleep that well as I've got restless legs syndrome, but m…
Deborah A.
I feel much healthier and positive overall, my mind is sharper, I sleep better, I don't ache as much and miraculously I've barely picked up any bugs from my child at nursery, I go…
Katie R.
Within 3 weeks of taking the supplement, I have noticed massive improvements in my concentration, focus and energy levels. I am no longer tired even after a poor night's sleep!
I was cynical at the start. However, after taking these capsules more or less religiously since late July, I feel a tangible difference to my thinking: it's quicker, and I feel ve…
Rebekah L.
Since I started using Heights I have seen a significant improvement in my ability to focus and recall. If I miss a day I definitely feel the difference. I can wholeheartedly reco…
Graham P.
Coming up to month 4 now and I must say I’m truly feeling the benefits! Less brain fog and waking up feeling fresh. My family have seen a change in my attitude to life also, “less…
Thomas P.
After three months of use I notice a clearer mind more focused and my mood is not going all over the place anymore. Also I’m beginning to see my skin is smoother and has more col…
Frieda L.
It's now been a full seven days and my cognition has been nothing short of incredible. I am more lucid, there's zero brain fog, I am way more relaxed and the headaches have comple…
I discovered Heights a few months ago and so far been very impressed - I used to take 3-4 supplements a day (krill oil, B12, vitD & C) but have ditched them now to take Heights in…
Wanting a little brain boost and better sleep, I started taking Heights supplements, mainly because they contain the plant-based Omegas that I miss in my vegetarian diet. What I d…
Finally, an all in one supplement. This was made for me, I am chronically ill, vegan and have ADHD and find it so hard to remember to take tablets. I have dozens of half taken sup…
Julia W.
It has taken a month to feel the actual effects of them: absolutely more clarity (less brainfog), more willingness to do things overall, and a more calming self. I've been in a l…
Andres U.
I have been taking Heights for almost a month now. I've gone from waking up at 4 am every day, exhausted, to sleeping through the night. Before this, I had tried about 5 differe…
The brain fog I had been experiencing has almost totally disappeared; I fall asleep easier at night; I have less of an energy slump in the afternoon; I don’t experience hangovers;…
Megan L.
I am full of energy, sleep deeper, more focused, attentions to detail has increased and fully alert. This has made a positive change in my life!! Heights is now a part of my daily…
I've been taking heights for almost 4 months now and I can truly say they work the way they're meant to. I feel more alert and my sleep has improved. This is one subscription I do…
Damilola O.
5 months later all I can say is WOW. Brain fog and memory issues - gone. Notable and consistent mood improvements. My sleep, which has been awful since I was 6, is finally improvi…
I started talking Heights around 5 months ago. The first change I noticed very quickly was that my energy levels were up. Secondly, my skin feels so much softer and not as dry (I …
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Simple braincare, every day

The Braincare Journal

Practising gratitude daily changes the way you think. The Braincare Journal makes that simple, so you can feel better in just a few minutes each day.
Boosts productivity and focus
Reduces stress
Increases happiness
Improves quality of sleep
Supports your mental health
Discover the art of gratitude
How your brain affects your body

Raise your standards

We’re here to raise the bar. We use the highest-quality ingredients, without exception. Nutrition affects your brain, body and everything in between. That’s why every decision we make is based on scientific evidence, and puts your health and wellbeing first.

Expect the best, and get the best.

See what sets us apart

99% don’t get the nutrients they need

Vitamin C is simple enough, but 375mg of omega 3 a day? Vitamin D? A full B-complex? Anthocyanins? That’s where we come in. Full nutrition for the brain, in two capsules a day.

Find out more

The average Brain Health Score is 51/100

Find out how your brain measures up, and what you can do to improve. Get the answers in four minutes.

The brains behind Heights

Our team of doctors and scientists make every decision about the Smart Supplement. Armed with the latest research, they regularly update our formulation, so each bottle contains the most effective nutrition.

Find out how it works
Sophie Medlin, RD
Head of Nutritional Research
Sophie Medlin, RD
Head of Nutritional Research
Consultant dietitian, chair of British Dietetic Association for London, founder of City Dietitians, spokesperson for evidence-based nutrition, and lecturer at King's College London.
Dr Tara Swart, PhD
Chief Science Officer
Dr Tara Swart, PhD
Chief Science Officer
Neuroscientist, medical doctor, leadership advisor, and MIT lecturer with a PhD in neuropharmacology.

Real people, real stories

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"I’ve spent the last few years working in jobs that didn’t mentally stimulate me, and I could feel myself getting slugg…
“My brain health is so important to my recovery. I am excited to see how Heights will help me over the coming months”.
"Heights contributes to my wellbeing in so many ways, and supports me as I show up as my best self for myself, my frien…
"While I await diagnosis, it's been really important for me to make sure I am doing what I can to look after my brain a…
"To achieve anything in life, you need clarity and focus, having good brain health is very important for that. It's not…
"There is so much I want to do and a focused mind will be key to achieving it all. I'm grateful for having come across …
"Health and nutrition is the crux of my happiness. For me having enough sleep and feeling balanced everyday is so impor…
"The whole juggling act of parenting, running a business and trying to look after yourself while in lockdown is a daily…
"For me, Heights captures some fundamental needs: to be healthy, to be educated, and to be part of a community. It gets…
"I have always tried to look after my body by eating healthy, regular yoga classes, doing Fit20 (high-intensity trainin…
"I support Heights because I can see they’re really trying to do good for our world". Moyo is living her calling as a f…
"I use a lot of mental and physical energy as a martial artist, business owner, husband and youth leader at my Church, …
"I have loved watching Heights evolve over this past year and think that practical mental health information and lifest…
"I have 2 main aims currently, number 1 being to do everything I can do look after my mental health consistently in a s…
"On a personal level, I really want to focus on my health and becoming the best version of myself, physically and menta…
"I want my brain to be at its best to help me enjoy life and be as impactful as I can in my work, so brain health is a …
"I used to think I was invincible and often told myself 'they may be smarter than me, but they'll never outwork me' - t…
"As I approach the next decade I feel strongly about keeping body and mind in maximum health. Having more time during l…

Student discount—25% off monthly plan, for life

Don’t lose hours in the library to brain fog and distraction. Focus better, and think more clearly. And as Heights is also great for mood, sleep, immunity, and all-round physical health, it might just be the best investment you can make in your future self.

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Heights is now a Certified B Corporation!

B Corp™ status is a legal commitment to meet the highest standards of sustainability, social responsibility, and accountability, in line with the UN’s sustainable development goals. These principles have been at Heights since day one. Now, being a B Corp™ will help us continue our values of care, trust, and transparency, so we can become better, every day.

Find out more about the B Corp movement

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This product is not designed to replace a varied and balanced diet. Do not exceed stated dose. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or taking any medication, please consult your doctor before use. Do not use it if the sachet has been opened. Store in a cool, dry place. Keep out of reach of children.

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