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We've reimagined the multivitamin 

to put your brain first.

Brain First

Brain First

Regular multivitamins lack the key nutrients for busy modern lifestyles, treating our brain like an after thought.

So we decided to change that.

As part of a healthy diet and lifestyle it's an easy everyday way to elevate your cognitive potential helping you perform at your best.

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 No Miracles. All Science. — No Miracles. All Science. —

 No Miracles. All Science. — No Miracles. All Science. —

Our Smart Multivitamin is packed with the 18 key nutrients your brain and body need to thrive now and in the future, in the amounts that actually make an impact, as expected.

Our hero ingredients aren't just for show, but to get you in flow. 

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DHA omega 3

Found mainly in our frontal lobes, this fat is essential for us to sustain attention, process information, memories and emotions.

Discover omega 3 Benefits

B vitamins

B vitamins help keep energy levels up, the brain healthy, and are key for optimal neurological function.

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Like eating 25 blueberries, this small but mighty fruit is rich in antioxidants and contributes to optimal brain function  and delayed cognitive decline.

Discover Blueberry Benefits

More than just a pill.

If you care about your cognitive health and performance, think Heights.

As a member, every month, you'll get exclusive brain boosting recipes from top chefs and access to world leading experts in nutrition, neuroscience, psychology, sleep, & performance to amplify your potential, lifting you to your highest heights.

Meet The Brains

You bring the brain. We bring the power.

Your brain’s neuroplasticity means it can learn, adapt and grow at any age. But it needs the right mix of nutrients and know-how to do so.

That’s where Heights can help.

The Smart Multivitamin

Our Promise

Sustainably sourced, always plant-based

Made by experts, backed by science

Highest quality ingredients, maximum absorption

Premium product, fair price

Your grey matter
in black and white.

We make understanding your brain easy, with bitesize neuroscience, nutrition and psychology.



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