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We just reached 50,000 Instagram followers. These are just some of the people that helped us do it.

We’ve just passed 50,000 followers on Instagram. It doesn’t feel like that long ago that we were celebrating 1,000.

And to mark our big 50k, we thought we’d spend some time championing the people who make Heights what it is today. You. Our community is the most important part of all of this. So here are your stories.


“My experience and expertise within the research group I work with means that I am now officially supervising three D.Phil students and one postdoc and have a few scientific papers in preparation for peer reviewed scientific journal submissions.

“My work commands a high level of concentration at all times. Whether I am planning, executing, analysing my own experiments or supervising and guiding my team, or writing/reading papers, or preparing presentations, my day demands effective and efficient brain capacity. Heights help with that.”


“I own a bookkeeping service (I am my only employee) and on Fridays I take payroll around to companies and run various errands for clients.

“I have tried many supplements on subscription services (some much more expensive than Heights) and have never before seen a positive change. I’ve never even taken one past a couple of weeks, if that. When I finished off the first bottle, my daughter was sitting next to me and said, “I can’t believe you finished off a bottle”—no one can give you a backhanded compliment like a daughter.

“The other supplements that I have tried are just as easy (take this daily) but I get frustrated easily when I don’t feel any change. With Heights, I find it easy to stick to because I can actually feel the effects.”


“I came across Heights after listening to Dan on The Diary of a CEO podcast. Enduring a period of burnout myself, I ordered the Vitals⁺ straight away.

“Within the first month of using it, my focus, memory and creativity increased dramatically. This was at a time of reduced exercise, lack of sleep and too much cider.

“And although 7 months later, I haven’t made a million on the stock market, or become a US Senator, I feel a lot better in terms of overall energy, focus and well-being.

“Heights has been a firm consistent in my morning routine since day one. The final key to my health routine won’t be going anywhere!”


“I lost my husband after a happy 58 years of marriage, on the day the Isle of Man did a total lock down—no one in, no one out. The rest of the family were all stuck in the UK. Things were pretty dire, and I was becoming very depressed when I saw something about a lovely lady taking Vitals⁺, so I signed on.

“I have now been knocking back the little jewel-like capsules for the last 6 months, and just wanted to report back how they have made—and are making—such a huge difference!

“As was clearly laid out, it took a month for any results to come through. Then I suddenly realised that my energy was improving, and over the past months there has been the most wonderful upsurge of my old energy. As I approach 80, I don’t expect to suddenly become a teenage model—though I am getting lots of comments—but more importantly, I am starting to be able to think again, to plan and to look forward to making a new life.”


“I noticed I had difficulty concentrating. While there's a lot of evidence that the brain needs taking care of, I had never really prioritised nutrition, and was quite skeptical when a colleague forwarded an email from Heights. Supplements had not made a difference for me in the past.

“So I started off reading the newsletter and listening to the Braincare podcast, to see what the company's values and ethics were, and to absorb the knowledge Heights had to offer. After a few months, I decided to give it a try with my husband.

“I noticed a difference in focus and concentration, and my hair and nails have improved. I feel more focused, have more energy and am better able to concentrate. I also like the ethos, and that everybody I've interacted with has been friendly, helpful, and interested in their customers.”


“I’ve been very interested in well-being after spending 2021 battling head/neck cancer. It has left me with some life-changing aftereffects—reduced swallow ability and continual neck discomfort from surgery and radiotherapy scarring. I’m 49, and after 19 years with the same company, I lose my job with the role relocating to Holland.

“So, it’s been a hard 18 months.

“I’ve subscribed to Heights supplements to help me as much as possible in braincare, general health, sleep and have just completed month 1 of the 12-month subscription. So far, so good. I do meditation and yoga, do daily walks on the coast, journal every single day, aim to drink 8 glasses of water, do Wordle, and so on.

“I’m fascinated by mental health, well-being, braincare and have started to read widely on the subject. I hope the braincare club will complement that.”


Incredible results for me and my team. I started Heights last year, never really having been a huge believer in supplements but a friend convinced me so I rolled with it.

After a few days I started noticing a difference in my focus and general energy levels and it took me a while to admit to myself that it was the supplements that were working. I started to feel amazing, my sleep improved and my mental clarity was significantly improved!

I have "fallen off the wagon" a couple of times and when I forget to take the supplements and when I start again the good feelings return quickly… so I know for sure the benefits are linked to the product. So impressed was I that I have signed up my team to subscriptions and the feedback from the team has been fantastic. Well worth the investment!


“I’m always trying to improve on braincare since having epilepsy as a child and also wanting to take an active interest in my own life and health. My brain can sometimes be a little different—it can want to act a little different and this can be difficult to manage or when it starts to invade in general. I have tried to take an active interest in both nutrition and mental health and anything that can help with living a good life, so I can live independently as much as I can.

“I think brains are unique, everyone is individual in the way they process, think, patterns but I think good braincare is essential to be able to process well as it’s the central system. It’s why I find Heights a very interesting company for wanting to explore and engage in this avenue further. It fascinates me.”

So we want to say thank you to everyone who’s a part of this community. Everyone who has been part of this community. Whether you were follower #1, or follower #50,000, you’re at the centre of what we do.

And if you aren’t following us yet, this is your chance .


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