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What differences will you see when you start taking Vitals⁺?

As you start to feed your brain what it needs to thrive—here’s what’s happening beneath the surface.

As the control centre of everything we do—from sleeping to powering through the day—the brain is our most important organ. So choosing to invest in your brain’s health by taking Vitals⁺ is a great first step in looking after your health for the long-term.

Vitals⁺ contains 20 nutrients that have been identified by a neuroscientist and clinical dietitian as being key to your brain health. That doesn’t mean it’s a magic fix-all—but rather that daily consumption of these ingredients gives your brain an excellent base to start functioning at its best. While some of our tribe have reported better sleep, energy, and concentration within a few weeks (check out our Trustpilot reviews ), for others it takes slightly longer. Why? Nutrients work at different rates for different people—and some of the key differences are the ones happening underneath the surface, so giving the supplement time to have an effect is important.

We’ve created a timeline mapping some of the benefits you may start to feel when you begin taking Vitals⁺.;

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What differences could I notice?

In the first three months of using Vitals⁺ you may notice:

  • more energy

  • improved memory and concentration

  • better sleep

  • radiant skin and hair

  • bolstered immunity

Laura noticed improvements in her sleep and focus:

I didn’t appreciate the importance of brain health until I saw the difference it made, weirdly it’s not something you think of every day even though I’m in healthcare! I focus for longer , sleep better and feel less ‘brain fog’ during the day, Heights is now a key part of my morning routine. - Laura Moore, CEO, Nell Health

Whilst for Ladi it was more a boost in terms of energy:

"It's only been 6 weeks but I'm already feeling the difference in my energy levels . I'm expected to be at the top of my game at all times and Heights is definitely helping me feel sharp and productive ." - Ladi Greenstreet, Venture Capital Investor

During the first few months of taking Vitals⁺, there’s a lot of action happening behind the scenes (in your body), that you may or may not notice. Thanks to the B vitamins, your energy metabolism will start to improve, and levels of other essential nutrients will be replenished—meaning you may feel more alert and energetic. As anthocyanins start to kick in, your memory and concentration may also start to improve—so it’s the perfect time to start new habits (like journalling, exercising, and taking your Heights 😉).

The nutrients that help your brain health, in turn, help the rest of your body—which is why you might notice improvements there, too. Towards the end of the first three months, many people also report that they are sleeping better, as well as noticing more radiant skin, and strong, shinier hair and nails. Your immune system will be bolstered too as your body starts to absorb vitamin C, D, and zinc.

After taking Vitals⁺ for 3-6 months, you may notice::

  • stabilising mood

  • memory improvements

  • better cognitive function

  • Even more energetic

  • fewer bouts of illness

  • improved exercise performance

Improvements in your mood may occur as your levels of omega 3 DHA rise. And, if you had mild memory problems previously, you may notice some improvements there, too. You might also notice an uptick in your cognitive function, focus, and mental performance—pay attention to how you feel during your workday, how your decision-making is, or if you’re nailing the Sunday crossword.

Your improved iron levels will mean you’ve got more energy, and you may notice that you’re getting ill less often, or for shorter lengths of time as your immune system is reliably getting everything it needs to work at its best.

You might also find that your performance in exercise improves, as your body has additional B vitamins to support energy production and recovery.

Read more on how you can help your brain thrive according to a neuroscientist .

What’s going on underneath the surface?

It’s easy to only measure success by what we can see, but the effects we can’t see are just as important when it comes to braincare. As you continue to take Vitals⁺, your brain and body will benefit from:

  • long-term health for brain and body

  • reduced risk of cognitive decline

  • restorative, regenerative sleep

  • healthy heart function

Investing in your nutrition long-term means you will continually enjoy all the benefits from the first six months—resulting in feeling well in your brain, body, and mind as standard.

Optimising your nutrition maintains healthy brain function throughout your life, protecting the structure of your brain from age-related changes. Did you know that cognitive decline can begin in your 30s? 😱 So, the way we treat our brains today—has a direct impact on the health of our brains in 10, 20, 30, or 40 years to come.

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How do I know Vitals⁺ is working?

We get this question a lot— how do I know if it is working? The most reliable way is a before and after blood test of your vitamin levels. Obviously, a blood test is not an option for most people, which is why we recommend taking the Brain Health Assessment created with neuroscientist Dr Tara Swart, before you start using Vitals⁺ and again after 2-3 months to measure how your brain health score changes. It’s not a perfect measure but will give you an indication of how your brain is progressing thanks to Vitals⁺.

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