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How to Train Your Brain to be Happy with Mo Gawdat


Mo Gawdat wants to make the world a happier place. When faced with one of the most emotionally devastating life events imaginable, the former Chief Business Officer at Google founded the One Billion Happy movement to bring collective emotional liberation to the masses. **He also wrote the book Solve for happy.

Happiness is a priority

On today's Braincare Podcast, we hear how Mo's personal story lead to his life's work investigating powerful human emotions, and how acknowledging causality can free us of guilt, and why you should make happiness a priority.

The only time do you feel alive, is through an emotion: elation, worry, sadness, excitement. And so if you don't let those happen, you will not feel alive and your life will pass you by.

Mo's happiness theory

Mo's happiness theory has led to some radical thinking about the way we process emotion. We can train our bodies to be physically fit, and, of course, we like anything to the tune of a cranium gymnasium. So, can we learn to be happy?

We want to be happy. It's so instinctive, it's almost like wanting to take another breath. We think it's so difficult to achieve, but it isn't... it's highly logical.

Podcast Episode Takeaways

In this first episode with Mo Gawdat we will cover:

  • Why is happiness important?

  • Mo Gawdat's flow chart for mapping emotions

  • Thoughts on emotional embodiment

  • The physical ramifications of unhappiness

  • How the world conditions our emotive responses

  • Why our brains are the keys to unhappiness

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