Expanding time and space in your mind with Ed Cooke

Why does Ed Cooke play French radio in the morning and German cafe sirens in the afternoon? It's to do with perception.

Ed Cooke is disrupting the space-time continuum. The Grandmaster of Memory spent the majority of the first lockdown throwing experimental online parties with one goal in mind: with your perceptions.

You can listen to episode 15 here.

Memory alters our perception

On today's Braincare podcast, Ed Cooke explains how our memory alters our perception of time resulting in a mirror relationship between memory and experience. While traumatic memories might take up a lot of space, good memories might be compressed. But what if we could change that?

At a house party, you can actually add time, have 20 amazing conversations, make new friends, learn new things, but when you kind of try and think back those conversations merge into each other.

Changing your perception of time and space

Changing perceptions of time and space isn't just confined to memory. Ed Cooke explains how situation and auditory stimulus can unlock new levels of learning, all by confounding our temporal perceptions.

In the kitchen, I play French radio in the morning and then German cafe sirens at lunch.

Podcast episode takeaways

In this second episode with Ed Cooke, we will cover:

  • How can we speed up or slow down our perception of time?

  • Why pleasurable memories can seem fleeting

  • The reason why parties featuring location changes are remembered best

  • The link between sound and cognitive ability

  • Could your WFH set-up dramatically change your productivity?

  • The link between engagement and enjoyment

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Want to hear more about the marvellous power of memory? Check out our previous episode with Ed Cooke on How To Remember Anything.


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