Which side of the brain is creative?

You may know that the brain is split into left and right sides—but which side of the brain is creative?

There's nothing more satisfying than a creative solution, that light bulb moment where a solution or an idea just comes together—but which side of the brain is creative?

Where does creativity come from?

Creativity is something that we are all born with, and it can be developed to a degree. The theory of multiple intelligences (MI) suggests that there is no one type of intelligence, but rather many different types—and creativity is one of them—but where does creativity come from?

You may not know that the brain is split in two —the left side of the brain is more analytical, and deals with logical thinking, while the right side deals in emotions—but which side of the brain is creative?

Right-brain thinkers are naturally good at art, music, poetry and other creative pursuits, as they’re using the part of their brain that serves up new ideas. So if you're after a creative solution, the right brain is the place to tap into.

What is the right hemisphere function?

The right hemisphere function is associated with creativity, emotion, intuition, and spatial ability—that’s why it’s thought of as the artistic side of the brain. It’s also thought to be the home of your non-conscious mind (the part of your brain that runs autonomously or subconsciously). The right hemisphere is primarily involved in the processing of visual information and language. It processes sensory input from all parts of your body and helps you interpret it. The right side of the brain also plays a role in your movement, spatial perception, touch, hearing and memory.

Is the right brain creative?

Absolutely—the right hemisphere function is more creative than the left. The right brain is especially good at seeing the big picture and recognising patterns. It also helps you make associations between seemingly unrelated things, so it's easy to see how creativity can be enhanced by exercising your right hemisphere more often.

Which side of the brain is more intelligent?

While it’s true that each side of the brain is responsible for different functions, neither is more intelligent than the other. The left brain controls language and logic, while the right side handles creativity, intuition and spatial perception. Both hemispheres are necessary for healthy brain function and development, and neither is more intelligent than the other.

Is right brain more creative than the left?

The right hemisphere is more creative, emotional, intuitive, and musical than the left—it’s undoubtedly the more artistic side of the brain. The right brain is more interested in what’s going on around you, whereas the left brain is more focused on analysing and understanding things.

The left brain is more focused on the present and future, whereas the right brain is more interested in remembering the past. The left brain is responsible for language and logic, whereas the right brain is good at drawing connections between seemingly unrelated things.

You need both sides to function, and it can be argued that while the right is more creative than the left, you need both sides to come up with creative solutions. You can't operate with one side alone, you need both working in harmony.

What are right brain thinkers good at?

Right brain thinkers can see patterns and connections, make art and music, solve problems in their sleep, and read people like a book. They live in the moment and worry less about what people think of them.

They’re also good at multitasking—but not because they have more than one working brain. They just find it easier to work on several things at once because they aren't distracted by details or too caught up in planning every step of their day out beforehand. Right-brain thinkers don't need to plan as much because their instinctive side takes care of things for them.

A right-brain thinker is more likely to be a musician or artist, but they also make great mathematicians, scientists, and engineers. They’re usually creative types who like to think outside the box, which can come in handy for jobs that require problem-solving.

Creativity is a complex and fascinating concept—the right side of your brain is undoubtedly more focused on creativity and creative pursuits, but you need both sides. If you want to create something, you might have an idea about what you want to do first (right brain function), then think about how best to execute that plan using logic and creativity at the same time (left hemisphere). So the best way to be creative is by nourishing your whole brain— we call it braincare .


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