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Good news for your vitamin D levels

We always, ALWAYS, follow the science. And right now it's saying we need to up our vitamin D dosage. So, we have.

💡News flash: we’ve upped our vitamin D dose

When we began our most recent study back in September, we found out that 78% of people were lacking in vitamin D.

After 9 months of taking Vitalsâș, what we expected to see was the number of people with shortages pretty much disappear.

But, in reality, that’s not what happened.

We saw that 57% of people were still falling short. Even after 9 months of taking double the government-recommended dose of vitamin D in Vitalsâș, and a long, sunny summer.

A small improvement, but not enough.

So we decided to up our vitamin D dosage to 45mcg

And every future bottle of Vitalsâș you receive will have this new and improved dose.

That’s the beauty of producing Vitalsâș in small batches. So if and when the science says we need to do something different—we can do it, and do it fast.

> Read more about how we create the formula

What does more vitamin D mean for you?

You might start to feel a difference over the next few months, as replenishing your vitamin D to healthy levels will contribute to:

  • đŸ’Ș a healthy functioning immune system

  • 😊 improved mood

  • đŸ’« more mental and physical energy

Want to know more about vitamin D? Learn all about vitamin D dosage and benefits .

We’d love to know how it’s going, and how you’re feeling—so please let us know after your next few bottles either by tagging @yourheights or emailing support@yourheights.com . And, of course, please send us any questions you have too!


Why did you start with 20mcg of vitamin D?

Vitamin D is still in the early stages of research. Which means that we’re always discovering new things about it, as the science continues to evolve. So, when we first designed the formula, the science suggested that doubling the government-recommended dose would be enough. But, as our trials showed, it’s not enough.

How much vitamin D is safe to consume?

The safe upper level of vitamin D is 100mcg—so we’re still well within the safe limits, even with our new higher dose.

What’s the government-recommended amount of vitamin D?

According to the government, we only need to supplement 10mcg of vitamin D through the autumn and winter months. But, as you can see from the science, people are still experiencing too low levels of vitamin D, even after taking double that amount.

Might the formula change again?

It might! We’re always learning, and studying the effects of Vitalsâș to make sure it’s having the best possible impact on your brain. We make it in small batches on purpose so we can review the science regularly.


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