How to love food, guilt free with Rhiannon Lambert

Nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert talks to Heights about the dangers of dieting.

Nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert wants to smash your food misconceptions and help you start intuitive eating. Through her work across the eating disorder spectrum, she's seen first-hand the powerful dynamics of guilt, emotional eating, and cyclic behavioural issues on our health - both physical, and mental.

Intuitive eating and killing common food myths

On today's Braincare podcast, Rhiannon shares how you can love food and feel good doing so. We discuss the common food myths that make us feel guilty. Plus, she explains intuitive eating and how to break the traffic light diet rules that we've made up.

You can listen to episode 7 here.

The mindset and the rule we've got is anything that we enjoy is bad for us which is not true at all. If you break it down, a pizza is a balanced meal.

Tips for healthier food habits

So how can we shake unfounded guilty once and for all? Rhiannon believes healthy habits can be formed by addressing our food misconceptions and external influences are key. The best way to hold yourself accountable? Get others involved.

The Mediterranean is a really good example of food being seen as family, as fun, as society, of get-together.

Podcast episode takeaways

In this second episode with Rhiannon Lambert we will cover:

  • Where food guilt comes from

  • Why you CAN have your baguette and eat it too!

  • Journalling tips to banish your inner diet police

  • The best ways to hold yourself accountable

  • Readdressing your food guilt with social eating

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