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How to host a braincare club event

Find out how you can host a braincare club event with us.

Step 1: Set up an event with a clear title and then schedule your event in the Clubhouse app. Be sure to add all the speakers and a full description of the event. Make sure you are following @danmurrayserter or he wont be able to approve you if accepted.

Step 2: Send an email to braincare@yourheights.com with the following information:

  1. Event link (from the Clubhouse app event calendar)

  2. Event date & time (GMT time please - but we welcome a 24 hour clock) - your event should be send to us with at least 7 days notice

  3. Event duration (how long you anticipate the event lasting)

  4. An introduction about the event and yourself - ideally your expertise on the topic.

  5. Let us know why you think your event would be good on Braincare Club and for our audience.

  6. Any additional details / context that may be helpful when deciding please.

Step 3: Your event will be reviewed and we will email you ASAP with our decision. If your event is approved, you will receive an email asking you to add one of our club admins to your event as a guest (so they can edit the event listing to make it a club event - and they will then open the club room for your event a few minutes before the scheduled start time). Ideally give us as at least 7 days notice, and, we will be in touch even if don’t think your event is a good fit at the moment. And please continue with your event as originally planned without the club. Thanks!

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