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You shouldn’t have to settle for feeling less than your best.
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“My awful sleep had me at rock bottom. Then I learned about my brain’s nutrition and started taking supplements. Within weeks, I was sleeping like a baby. We want everyone to feel that change.”

Meet Dan and Joel

  • Dan Murray-Serter Co-founder

    Insomnia, anxiety, depression, imposter syndrome, burnout—Dan’s been through it all. Then he discovered the potential of neuro-nutrition.

    Dan Murray-Serter Co-founder
  • Joel Freeman Co-founder

    Joel’s gut problems flared up during a difficult time at work, when his stress was through the roof. His lightbulb moment was understanding the gut-brain axis.

    Joel Freeman Co-founder

Two friends.

A shared goal to get back to living.

It took Dan and Joel quality (but expensive) nutrition to take control of their health. They knew there must be an easier way. So they teamed up with experts, and Heights was born.

Meet the brains

We work with the sharpest minds* in science and nutrition, so you can feel brilliant too.

*No offence, Dan and Joel.

Dan is a 5-time founder/CEO, an angel investor in 85 Startups, and host of the #1 business podcast, Secret Leaders. He looks after our brand, community and content.

Dan Murray-Serter

Sophie Medlin is a consultant dietitian, chair of the British Dietetic Association for London, and founder of City Dietitians.

Sophie Medlin, RD
Head of Nutritional Research

Joel is a multi-award-winning entrepreneur, founder of the TMRW D2C community, and member of Meta’s Client Council. He looks after product, growth, strategy and finance.

Joel Freeman

Dr Tara Swart is an Oxford-trained medical doctor, a neuroscientist with a PhD in neuropharmacology, and a senior lecturer at MIT.

Dr Tara Swart, PhD
Chief Science Officer

Keep us in check

The supplement industry is full of broken promises, but you can hold us to ours:

Smarter formulas

Ingredients and strains that work together. In the right amounts, for the best results. 

Smarter design

Simple, convenient and effective products for easy routines and busy lives.

Smarter science

Proven to work by third-party testing, both in humans (in vivo) and in labs (in vitro).

Smarter approach

It’s not just test tubes and white coats. Science can change how we live, so we make it accessible for everyone.

Believe in a brighter future? Us too.

That’s why we’re a certified B Corp. Committed to measuring our social and environmental impact, and making sure our business is a force for good.