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Braincare Journal

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A one-of-a-kind, interactive A5 journal, designed to change the way you think.

Our science-backed gratitude journal is based on our ten pillars of braincare to improve your well-being. This 12-week journal is integrated with digital content to make braincare simple.


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Braincare Journal with pen
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Braincare Journal 10 pillars of braincare
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Simple braincare, every day

Journalling is great for your brain, but it can be hard to make it stick. That’s what we’re here to fix.

Practise the art of gratitude, and track your habits. Set your goals, and reflect on what you’ve achieved. Dig deeper into braincare with integrated digital content.

Journalling every day changes how you think. The Braincare Journal makes it simple.

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Our reviews

TrustScore 4.7/5 | 570 reviews
4 days ago
From low to back on top the best supplements out there.
I hit a huge low about 8 weeks ago in therapy and doing the usual things, meditation, walks, etc but I also started re-taking heights (I have a bit of a stash cause I’m …
Charlotte Pearce
4 days ago
Heights has pulled me out of my depression…
I’ve never written a review for anything before, but I’ve had such a positive response to Heights that I really wanted to shout about it! My son is now over a year old,…
Olivia Tee
6 days ago
I was leading a very busy lifestyle (aren't we all) My sleep was really bad which was impacting my energy during the days and my general mental wellbeing. I was always t…
Michael O'Connor
30 Jul
These have saved my life
These have saved my life. After being on antidepressants for nearly 10 years I had a reaction and had to stop them. I am now in my 3rd month of taking Heights and I am …
kim hillier
28 Jul
Anxious girl sleeps for the first time in ages
First time any vitamin has made a difference in my life. I've been going through a really difficult time in my life, battling with anxiety, heaps of stress, fatigue, and…
20 Jul
A 'No Brainer'
After much research I started these, and persuaded my husband to do the same back in December 2021. They look to me to be the best researched and best quality supplement…
20 Jul
Really noticing a difference!
I've been using Heights for just over 1 month now and really think I'm seeing a difference - I feel mentally sharper and have less brain fog. The only thing I sometim…
Braincare journal with apple and pen

Up to date, always

Your brain is in constant motion—electrical signals racing through billions of neurons. So we designed the Braincare Journal to keep up. Through a series of QR codes, you’ll get the latest perspectives on braincare, exclusive videos, and podcasts you won’t find anywhere else.

A one-of-a-kind experience, blending the physical and the digital, that fits in your coat pocket.

Join the movement

Braincare is for everyone—a community of people across the world, who have decided to look after their brains. Join that community, and be a part of something bigger.

The ten pillars

Learning, movement, rest, compassion—all examples of the pillars of braincare. These ten essential habits are at the core of the method behind the Braincare Journal, helping you to look after your brain and feel better, every day.

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This is your brain on journalling.

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